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Set overall cart restriction

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Using the MultiVariants app, you can set restrictions/ limits on the overall cart of your store. The restrictions can be three different types

  • Restriction on Quantity
  • Restriction on the number of items added to the cart
  • Restriction on order value.

As restrictions, you can apply minimum and maximum limits for your cart.  Follow the process to apply cart restrictions on your store. 

                         – Navigate to the MultiVariants app.
                         – Click on “General Settings” and scroll down to a bit.
                         – Go to the “Global cart restrictions” section and set the restrictions.
                         – After entering the value for restriction of the cart, save the settings.

  1. Restriction on Quantity: this helps you to set minimum/maximum or both limits on the total quantity of products added to the cart. Customers can’t checkout unless the conditions are fulfilled.
  2. Restriction on the number of items: If you want to set a limit on the total number of products added to the cart, then this is where you need to set the limit.
  3. Restriction on Order Value: This restriction applies on the total value of the order. Check out button will be deactivated unless the order value matches the condition you created.

If any condition is not fulfilled on the cart then customers will see a warning message when they will be clicking on the “Checkout” button. Also, the “Checkout” button will remain disabled until the restrictions are not fulfilled. You can change the warning message from the Translation setting of MultiVariants.

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