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Free Forever

Display all variants with the quantity box for bulk order.

Will show a combination of all options and values as a list on the product page.

Variants image icon display

Will show all variants image icon

Variants inventory check

Will check inventory and allow maximum available quantity while adding to the cart.

Variants Out of Stock badge

It will show out of stock badge/sticker for items that are not available in stock.

Show/hide the out of stock items

Settings for show/hide the out of stock items in the front end.

Default theme editing by CSS

Customize elements display to match your store theme

MultiVariants Placement

Move default placement of variants display by adding a simple code

Variants price display in unit/total

Settings for individual variants price display.

B2B catalogs price list

Support Shopify Plus B2B catalog price

Support Shopify market

Support Shopify market with native multi-currency



5 Days Trial available
20% discount on annual plan

All features from Free Plan are included.

Show total order price

Display the total price for all selected variants and quantities before adding to the cart.

Apply to specific or group of products

This will allow creating multiple rules for a single and different type of product group including individual display settings.

Variants option display list/select

Can customize which options will show as a list or select (drop-down)

Custom Out of Stock badge

Upload custom badge for out of stock items

Predefined themes

Select a predefined theme for an individual rule set to show different theme for a single/group of products

Variants in grid/matrix layout

Display variants combinations in a grid/table/matrix layout.

Sticky action buttons

Show add to cart and other action buttons as sticky bars.

Global cart restrictions

Restrict orders combination of multiple products in the cart. Min/Max order.value, items, and quantity. Ex: minimum order value $100 or minimum order items is 12 with total cart items.



5 Days Trial available
20% discount on annual plan

All features from Standard Plan are included.

Variants custom text

This will allow customers to add custom text/comments for every variant

Direct to checkout button

After selecting all variants and quantities, customers can directly go to the checkout and purchase.

Variants bundle quantity (drop-down)

It will allow you to sell variants in bundle quantity and customers can choose the quantity from a drop-down list as you defined.

Variants option display list/select/swatch

Can customize which options will show as a list, select (drop-down), or swatch.

Customize theme

Customize themes with all elements and custom CSS.

Min/Max quantity of variant/total

Set minimum/maximum quantity for product variants or combination of variants.

Min/Max number of variants

Limit minimum/maximum number of variants order.

Min/Max value for variants/total

Set minimum/maximum order value of product/variants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a FREE plan?


    Yes, we have a FREE plan, you can choose while you install the app in your Shopify store.
  • Do you have a free trial for your paid plans?


    Yes, we have 3 days free trial for our paid plans.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade the MultiVariants plan?


    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the MultiVariants plan at any time.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?


    Yes, you can cancel your MultiVariants subscription at any time.
  • Will it break my store theme if I delete the app?


    No, our app works based on the Shopify script tag. Normally, we are not adding any manual codes in your store theme. It will not break your store/them even you uninstalled the app.