Can I set minimum order quantity & increase quantity in multiples?

Can I set minimum order quantity & increase quantity in multiples?

Can I set minimum order quantity & increase quantity in multiples?

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Yes, if you are using the MultiVariants – Bulk Order app (Professional plan) with your Shopify store, you can configure your products with a minimum order quantity (Ex:144) and increase the quantity in a multiple of a set amount (Ex: 48). So, while customers choosing their product (variants) quantity, first it will set the minimum quantity 144, and then when customers increase quantity, it will be multiple of 48.

Here is a sample product you can take a look at.

Sample configuration for minimum order quantity & increase quantity in multiples 48.

Set minimum product quantity & fixed incremental quantity in Shopify:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin
  2. Navigate to App >> MultiVariants – Bulk Order (If you don’t have it yet, you can install it.)
  3. Scroll down (if you have a single configuration set) or click on the Settings (if you have multiple rule sets)
  4. Under “Minimum quantity” >> “Per variant” set your desire minimum (If you want a minimum quantity for every variant) or you can set it under Total (combinations), so it will count all your variants to meet this minimum.
  5. Under “Quantity interval“, set your desire incremental quantity amount (Ex: 48).
  6. Save it.

Note: you can create multiple rule sets and apply these rule sets to different products based on your product/business needs.


Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform with robust features for all types of businesses, be it retailers, or B2B wholesalers!. But sometimes you may need some specific use case for your business, which may not available in the platform as a feature, like if you need a minimum product/variant quantity or a fixed incremental quantity. Here comes the MultiVariants – Bulk Order app to solve this business problem.

If you are a Shopify store owner and want to set a minimum variant quantity that a customer has to order. Additionally, you can set increase quantity in multiples, Example: customers can order the “XX” quantity of a  particular product or variant at a time.

For example, you are selling promotional tumblers in a bulk quantity that has a minimum quantity of 144. Now, you don’t want to allow customers to place an order with a quantity of less than 144. Also, after this minimum quantity, you want to set the rest quantities in multiples of 48. So, customers can purchase the tumblers in the minimum quantity starting 144 and then multiple of 48. He can purchase, say, 144,192,240,288,336…., items but not 1 or 13 or 123!


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