MultiVariants Bulk Order app is crafted with useful features for your Shopify store to enhance your selling process.

  1. Automatic installation, no coding.
  2. Works with any Shopify theme 
  3. World-class support teams are ready to help you. 
  4. Multiple support medium (Live Chat, email, and support ticket)
  5. Help documentation and videos you will love when you need them.
  6. One-click add to cart for multiple variants 
  7. Display all variants in the list with the quantity input box 
  8. Variants in grid/matrix layout 
  9. Variants display in swatch, list, and drop-down 
  10. Easy app configuration 
  11. Add variants SKU/UPC/Barcode 
  12. Display total price for selected variant and quantities 
  13. Personalized text for variants 
  14. Create an unlimited number of ruleset
  15. Display available stock quantity for variants 
  16. Checkout button to enable direct purchase option 
  17. Show/hide variant icons
  18. Show/hide variant title 
  19. Variants price display type (Unit/total)
  20. Show/hide compare at price for variants 
  21. Show/hide out of stock variant
  22. Enable/disable the app for products without multiple variants 
  23. Hide/show default add to cart form for MultiVariants enabled products 
  24. Apply MultiVariants to specified or group of products by using product tag, type, vendor, or URL (handle). 
  25. Minimum quantity per variants 
  26. Minimum quantity for the combination of variants 
  27. Maximum quantity per variants 
  28. The maximum quantity for the combination of variants 
  29. Minimum price per variants 
  30. The minimum price for the combination of variants 
  31. The maximum price per variants 
  32. The maximum price for the combination of variants 
  33. Minimum number of variants order 
  34. Maximum number of variants order 
  35. Fixed/bundle quantity (Ex: 100, 200, 500, 1000)
  36. Incremental/interval quantity or custom quantity increments 
  37. Duplicate rule sets
  38. Customize variants display by adding custom CSS
  39. Apply different variant display layout for a different type of products 
  40. Multi-Language support 
  41. Translate all buttons and labels to any language 
  42. MultiVariants app-admin in 6 different languages
  43. Upload custom image (badge) for out-of-stock variants based on language. 
  44. Sticky add to cart section 
  45. Configure after adding to cart action (redirect to the cart page, Stay on the product page without page reload and stay on the product page with page reload).
  46. Upgrade/downgrade at any time. 
  47. FREE trial for our paid plans. 
  48. Regular improvements and adding features