MultiVariants – FAQ

Do I need any technical experience to install and configure the MultiVariants app?

No, you do not need any technical knowledge to set up this app. From the Shopify app store, click on the “Add app” button and follow the next steps. You are done. Now configure the display settings (if you need any) and activate the app (View screenshot). You are ready to go. Start bulk variants selling.

MultiVariants app is not working with my storefront theme, what can I do?

MultiVariants app works automatically in most themes. No manual action is required. If you can’t see the app working on the storefront. First, please check if you activate the app (View screenshot).

Still, If the app doesn’t work for your theme, just send us an email to Our team will be happy to help you with the installation FREE of charge.

Do you check my inventory while adding to the cart?

Yes, the MultiVariants app checks for your available stock quantity before adding to the cart. You can also display the available stock quantity for every variant.

Can I change the text and customize buttons to match my store theme?

Yes, you can change the text for all buttons and match with your storefront theme with CSS.

My MultiVariants list loading is slow, how can I increase the loading time?

Yes, you can make the load time faster. Please navigate to the app admin >> Settings >> General Settings.

Sometimes the app might load a little slowly. This is because our app works automatically (without changing your theme files) through the Shopify script tag and Shopify allows apps to load the script tag after all the page resources have loaded. You can speed up the loading by adding a simple code into your product page theme (liquid). You will see the app generate code (for your store) under the General Setting.

Copy and paste the code (which you copied from the app admin General Settings) right after the end of the form tag, ex: <form>…</form> or {% endform %} [Copy code here]…


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