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Basic Configuration

MultiVariants configuration to display product variants.

MultiVariants Bulk Order app configuration

  1. Activation: By default, the app is inactive when you first install it. Click on Active when you are ready to show the variants through MultiVariants.
  2. Globe icon: If you click on the globe icon then it will fill that particular text field with the translated data you entered in the “Language & Translation” settings. This button is helpful to change the label with your preferred language.
  3. Ruleset Name: Provide a name for the ruleset. It will show on the top of the variants listing. By default, the name is ‘Bulk Order’
  4. Text before Price: This ‘Price’ title will show up on the price of each variant. You can change it to your preferred language.
  5. Text before the Quantity Field: You can change the quantity label to your preferred title in this field. It will change the label on the product page.
  6. Available stock quantity: You can Show/Hide the available quantity of each variant of the product.
    By default, it will follow the Number before Quantity format (for ex:: 22 available). But you can change the order (available 22). To do it-Go to “Language & Translation” >> Other custom label >> Find ‘StockQuantityLabel’ from left side listing >> now interchange the position of {QTY} and available
  7. Add to cart button: Title field for the ‘Add To Cart’ button. In this field, you can change the title name.MultiVariants Bulk Order app configuration 2
  8. Variant Icon: This option gives you the control to show or hide the icon of the product variants from the product page.
  9. Product Options (from Shopify): The app automatically brings up the product options like title, color name, sizes from Shopify. Click on ‘Hide’ if you don’t want to show them on the product page.
  10. Price Display: MultiVariants shows the price for each variant on the product page. The price multiplies with the quantity and shows the total price for each variant.
    You can change it to “unit price”, then the price will not change with the quantity. And, select ‘Hide’ if you don’t want to display the price.MultiVariants Bulk Order out of stock variants
  11. Out of stock Variants: You can change the settings for variants that are Out of Stock. If you specify Show variants, then the variants will be shown but customers can’t add them to the cart.
    For Hide Variants, the variants that are Out of Stock will be hidden on the product page. And the Show Out of Stock badge will display the out-of-stock badge.
  12. Theme settings: Customize your buttons and other display options to match your theme.MultiVariants Bulk Order hide defailt add to cart form
  13. Default Add to cart button: When you Activate the App, it automatically hides the default Shopify “Add to cart” form and shows the list of variants. If you want to keep the “Add to cart” button form, Select “No”





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