Set Minimum order Value per variant

Set Minimum order Value per variant

Set Minimum order Value per variant

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If customers choose any variant of a product and you want the customers to reach a minimum order value for that variant before they can add it to the cart, then this is the feature you need. 

Let’s understand with an example- you have a product with multiple variants and the unit price of each variant is $5. Now, you want that if customers choose any variant then the minimum order value of that variant should be $25. That means the customers have to order at least 5 quantities of that variant so that they can meet the minimum requirement of $25.


To create a similar restriction, please follow the steps:

  • Navigate to the app admin and click on “Set restrictions”.
  • Scroll down a little bit, you will see “Minimum value (price)” in the section of “Limit based on order value”.
  • Here, you will see an option named “per variant”.
  • Now in the input field, enter your minimum value (price) for “per variant”.
  • Save the configuration and check it on the product page.


Still, if you face any further issues or need help, feel free to contact us. Our support team will be happy to help you.

You can always reach us via

  1. Support ticket from MultiVariants app
  2. Live Chat in MultiVariants app
  3. Direct email to

So, Good Luck! And happy selling with MultiVariants.

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