10 Proven Ways to Find Wholesale Customers for Shopify

Ways to Find Wholesale Customers at Shopify

In eCommerce, there are different business models available. One common thing for all types of business models is grabbing customers’ attention.

Though, not all models require the same strategy. For example, getting many customers in a B2B wholesale business model requires special tactics and strategies. Read here to learn about different types of eCommerce business models, and differentiate different business criteria.

A B2B wholesale business at Shopify focuses on bulk orders, and convincing customers to buy a large amount of product without a lucrative offer and facility is challenging.

One mistake most B2B businesses make is not analyzing their competitors in the eCommerce B2B industry. Moreover, a good number of salespeople do not know who is a wholesale customer at Shopify.

This article will review how to find wholesale customers for Shopify, specially who wants to order in bulk.

How to Identify the Wholesale Customers for Shopify?

The term “wholesale” refers to selling a product in bulk. As a Shopify store owner, you can segment your customer into wholesale buyers and retailers according to their purchase size, frequency, and volume.

Your retail buyer may buy products in a small amount at a high price. On the other hand, a wholesale buyer buys a product in a large amount at a discount price.

If you are a store owner at Shopify who sell product in bulk or a single quantity, you can use a third-party application to create a B2B catalog price list for your wholesale buyer so that you can provide them a discount or just offer a different price range than your usual customers.

Instructions for Making a Wholesale Customer Account

Shopify makes it simple to set up wholesale accounts for clients by linking them to a B2B pricing list. There are important steps you must take in order to accomplish this.

Setting up a wholesale price list is the first step. A wholesale pricing list should include all the items you want to offer at wholesale. Remember that the pricing list may only be used in the wholesale section of your retail shop.

A wholesale pricing list is required to provide product names, prices, and descriptions.

Customers who have been given access to your wholesale pricing through the price list tags will be able to see that pricing and make orders at the discounted rate.

The second important step is customer email. You will need the wholesale customers’ email addresses to set up an account.

Find a way to get these mailing addresses. You may either approach them about opening a wholesale account, request authorization, or wait for clients to contact you.

Each account user must have a valid email address. Your wholesale website requires a customer’s email address to access it. It’s important if you want to send out invoices and order updates to your wholesale clients.

The third step is assigning customers to the price list. Creating a wholesale account for your B2B clients begins with linking them to the appropriate pricing list. After logging in as a Shopify admin, go to Customers in the main menu.

Choose the clients you want to associate with the pricing list. Select the label from the pricing list that represents the discount you would want to provide your client. When you’re done, choose the “Save” option.

Customers who don’t want to sign up for a wholesale account may now have their purchases prepared in bulk by you.

If they have a wholesale account, clients can see the goods in your B2B shop. They may immediately see your wholesale prices if they sign up for an account.

And lastly, invite your wholesale customers, and customers may get access to your wholesale shop in two different ways. One is registering a B2B account, and the second is using an existing one.

Your wholesale business will be readily accessible to your consumers when you provide them with an invitation link that cannot be forwarded or reused.

The wholesale email invitation is needed to generate the invitation link. To do that

  • Go to admin > wholesale section > customer
  • Select the boxes next to the names of the customers you want to invite
  • If you want to send an invitation through email, go to Bulk Actions and click the “Send Invite button”. A CSV file may be exported if you use the “Bulk Actions” menu and then click the “Export Invite” link

When a customer accepts an invitation, their status will be updated to “Invited”. Their information will be shown under a new tab on the customer’s page. If all goes according to plan, your clients’ status may change to “enabled,” indicating they have successfully opened their wholesale account.

How To Get More Customers in Your Wholesale Business for Shopify?

  1. Structure Your Business According To Wholesale Need
  2. Leverage the Power of Marketing
  3. Provide top-notch customer service
  4. Make the wholesale order process easy
  5. Offer up-sell and Cross-Sell
  6. Launch a PPC campaign
  7. Offer Free Shipping
  8. Offer Incentives For Referral
  9. Offers Deals and Discounts On Holiday
  10. Use A B2B Wholesale Customer-Oriented Bulk Order App for Shopify

Strategy 1- Structure Your Business According To Wholesale Need

Before grabbing the attention of wholesalers, first of all, pay attention to your business structure. When it comes to doing business with other companies, the wholesale model is one of the oldest and most reliable options.

In a wholesale business, the targeted customers are retailers who buy products in bulk. A wholesaler usually gets his goods from the maker, and he rarely sells them to an end customer.

Before starting a wholesale business, research the key points of a B2B business model. Do research on what wholesale buyers want and what types of products you need to sell. Choosing a niche according to market demand is also an important aspect of a B2B wholesale business.

For example, a wholesale business needs to find a good balance between the number of sales and the amount of money it makes. Offer discounts of up to 50% off to keep making money and keep prices low for customers.

Since wholesalers don’t have to invest in advertising or storefront maintenance, they can operate with lower overhead costs. This means wholesalers can still make a profit even with narrow margins.

In addition to prices, keep an eye on cash flow, manage inventory, promote the brand, and maintain long-term relationships with stakeholders. Stopping from mixing up your business model with a B2C business model. Read this article to learn about the difference between retailer vs wholesaler.

Strategy 2- Leverage the Power of Marketing

After starting a wholesale business on Shopify, the next task is to market your business. A wholesale business does not require extensive marketing like a B2C business, but that does not mean that there is no need for marketing regarding a wholesale business.

A good marketing plan for a wholesale business would increase the number of times a customer bought something, turn prospects into customers, and get an existing customer to buy again.

Strategy 3- Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Always be kind and professional when interacting with customers. In your wholesale business at Shopify, you must offer 24/7 support so that none of your clients get disappointed when they need any help.

Always be sympathetic and understanding with merchants, even if you have to decline a request. Providing helpful customer service to merchants can steadily make them high-volume wholesale buyers.

Strategy 4- Make The Wholesale Order Process Easy

The motto of a wholesale business is to allow retailers to buy products in bulk. If your customers are having issues placing bulk orders, that will affect your sales and revenue. To attract wholesale customers, make the ordering process as simple as possible.

One major problem that a wholesale buyer can face at a wholesale store is a time issue. For example, in a Shopify store, when a wholesale buyer wants to perform a bulk order or wholesaling process, he needs to perform a back-and-forth process, which is really time-consuming.

As a solution to this issue, a good number of store owners use third-party Shopify bulk order apps, which are available at the Shopify app store. You can use one of them to boost the time limit for wholesaling  at Shopify.

Strategy 5- Offer Up Sell And Cross-Sell

You can implement an upsell process in your wholesale store. In an upsell process, a store owner can offer products that are relevant to the product that the customer already owns. A cross-sell is also beneficial for clearing stock and balancing the inventory.

With an appropriate cross-selling process, a wholesaler can boost margins and generate great revenue. Moreover, along with a cross-selling process, up-selling can also be a good idea. Upselling is the process of suggesting a high-end product with a certain type of product.

Strategy 6- Launch a PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click advertising is highly effective because of the highly specific target demographics it allows for. It is a method of doing business in which you contract with a third party like Google or Facebook to advertise your product or service to a defined audience in exchange for a fee. 

In “pay-per-click” advertising, you only pay the service provider when a user actually interacts with your ad by clicking on it. Companies can more efficiently and cheaply target the customers they care about using this system. 

Companies and service providers alike appear to be benefiting from PPC’s rapid expansion. According to Woosuits, PPC marketing increases brand visibility by more than 80%.

With eCommerce PPC management, you can easily adjust your ad budget up or down to fit your needs. This is a great strategy to use if your business is just getting started and you need new ideas about what you’re selling. According to the Tech Jury, PPC campaigns gather 2X more traffic than SEO.

Strategy 7- Offer Free Shipping

Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, or dropshipper, you’ll likely face some competition in the field of eCommerce. To cut the competition, offering free shipping could be beneficial. In a wholesale marketplace, offering free shipping to a premium customer can make them repetitive. If you are a dropshipper who are doing a wholesale business, then you must read this.

Offering free shipping increases the average order value, which has an impact on company growth. Also, offering free shipping can be seen as the best way to increase CTR and CRO. According to save my cent, Ii an item comes with free shipping, 73% more customers will choose to buy it.

Strategy 8- Offer Incentives For Referral

Word-of-mouth advertising is known as “referral marketing”. In this process, satisfied consumer talks about your product with their social circles. 

Referral marketing requires promotional efforts and the motivation of rewards to encourage customers to collaborate. You may use referral software to increase customer engagement.

According to Nielsen, A friend’s recommendation can increase sales by as much as 400%.

Even though there are a lot of different marketing methods available, many companies still have trouble using them perfectly. When consumers are overloaded with advertising, they stop paying attention.

Although social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of different advertisements, it is really tough to beat rival products.

Another major obstacle for marketers is people’s general mistrust of commercial media. According to Nielsen, consumer confidence in advertising had declined during the previous five years. In order to overcome these challenges, businesses should implement a referral marketing strategy.

Customers who were referred to your brand tend to spend more overall with your company. In addition, the lifetime value of referred clients is higher.

After making a customer satisfied, you can assume that he will bring you two more new customers. When you get a new customer because of a relevant existing customer, give them incentives on their next purchase. It will encourage them to refer more. 

According to software advice, more than half of people will spread the word if they are compensated monetarily, publicly recognized, or given access to a special loyalty program.

And when they get an incentive, they will share it with their friends too, which is ultimately beneficial for your business.

Strategy 9- Offers Deals and Discounts On Holiday

Another good thing a wholesale business can do is offer deals and discounts during holidays. In a B2B wholesale business, most customers buy products in large quantities. During holidays, people usually buy more things, so it’s fair to offer deals and discounts. Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, BFCM, and Mother’s Day are good times to sell a lot of items.

There are a few more deals, and they are –

  • Free delivery
  • Bogo Deal
  • Bulk Discount
  • Holiday gift bundle (mix and match” or “incremental quantities)
  • Stock clearance deal
  • Upsell and Crossell deal

Holiday promotion deals are always beneficial for a wholesale business, incusing any type of business deal. According to Colibri content, 33% of consumers waits for discount and deals. That means the holiday is a good time to grab more customers’ attention than usual.

Strategy 10- Use A B2B Wholesale Customer-Oriented Bulk Order App for Shopify

A quick order app for Shopify can help you get more customers for your B2B wholesale business. Ordering in bulk on default Shopify takes a lot of time because you have to go back and forth between steps. Because of this, customers who order many products at once might try to find a way to order faster.

Shopify has a lot of apps, and it’s up to you to choose one that will help your business and bring in more customers. Check out how a quick-order app should look:

bulk ordering process with MultiVariants - Bulk Order App

Here we can see a store owner has installed a Shopify bulk order app. Now, his customers can order products in bulk from one product page with one click of “add to cart at Shopify. If you are a wholesaler, install an app like this to get more customers into your store.

Bottom Line

To find Shopify wholesale customers in a B2B wholesale business, following some effective strategies has no alternative. In this article, we have shared some easy and effective ways of grabbing customers’ attention in your B2B wholesale business. Follow them and get a boom in your Shopify business. 


Can I do Bulk Order at Shopify?

Yes, you can. There are several ways to place bulk orders at Shopify. For example, you can use the Shopify bulk order form, a third-party bulk order app, or contact your Shopify merchant directly to order a product in bulk.

What is the importance if using a “Shopify Wholesale App?”

If you are a wholesaler at Shopify, then using a wholesale app can be a time saver for you. On the other hand, a Shopify bulk order app can help you create bundle variants and set MOQs if needed. But make sure you are using such applications that allow you to perform such things.

What is an example of Shopify Bulk Order?

A customer who wants to buy a large number of products actually needs to purchase a particular product more than one at a time. This is called a bulk order. For example, a Shopify customer attempts to buy 100 candles from a candle shop at a shop. That means he is ordering candles in bulk. Now this order product can be smooth with a wholesale app for Shopify.

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