Shopify bulk order app with minimum order limits and maximum for product variants

What Is Wholesale or Bulk Order

Wholesale and Bulk Orders: A Guide for B2B eCommerce

What Is Wholesale In A Business? Wholesale is an activity where a manufacturer sells goods in bulk at a cheaper or discounted price to the retailers. Retailers or shopkeepers then repackage and resell the products in smaller quantities to their customers at higher prices. Buying in large quantities enables the options for a wholesaler to […]

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MultiVariants Seal Subscriptions integration

MultiVariants + Seal Subscriptions: Integrated at Shopify

Selling products in a subscription model into your Shopify store? Want to sell in bulk with multiple variant options? MultiVariants Bulk Order is now integrated with Seal Subscriptions (Shopify app) to make your order process easy and retain your customers by offering bulk variant ordering in a subscription model. For example, you are selling grocery […]

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