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Mapping the B2B Buyer Journey

Uncovering Success: Mapping the B2B Buyer Journey

71% of B2B researchers begin with a generic search instead of looking for a particular company. Find the “moments of fact” for your B2B buyers by researching their buyer journey. The B2B buyer journey extends across the whole process, beginning with brand recognition and ending with the acquisition of a product or service. Maps and […]

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Strategic CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) Reduction: A Practical Guide for B2B Business

Rising acquisition costs are a danger to the profitability of many business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, even though these organizations need new customers. Across all industries, CAC has increased by 50% or more over the last five years, meaning that every new client spends more on sales and marketing. In a typical 100-500-person organization, 7 people make […]

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Holiday Marketing Tactics for B2B

Holiday Beyond Retail: 5 Effective Holiday Marketing Tactics for B2B

For a B2B business, the month of December is the busiest time of year to buy gifts. Even, a good number of business-to-consumer (B2C) companies use B2B holiday marketing tactics in their businesses during the holiday season. In 2023, customers spent approximately $7.23 billion from Thursday to Saturday. Online sales reached $7.9 billion in 2023, […]

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Measuring the Success of B2B Business During Christmas

10 Ways to Measure the Success of B2B Business During Christmas

Marketing and advertising are two crucial tools to reach targeted consumers directly. Especially in a B2B business, to become successful during holidays, businessperson takes the extra step to beat their competition.  Email advertising, online discounts, and other retail promotion forms successfully measure business success. Still, a holiday season requires more strategy to strengthen the B2B […]

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