MultiVariants Now Offers B2B Price Lists and Multi-Currency

MutliVariants Integrating with Shopify native multi-currency and b2b catalog pricing

New features mean new perks, which come with many new benefits. This time, MultiVariants, the bulk order app for Shopify, announced support for two powerful new features. One is the Shopify B2B catalog price list, and another is Shopify Native Multi-Currency.

With B2B catalog pricing, storeowners can offer special prices to specific clients. This feature allows merchants to customize the buying experience of their customers. 

On the other hand, Shopify’s “Native Multi-Currency” allows buyers to see the product price in their local currencies, which makes shopping more convenient and transparent for international customers.

In this blog post, we are going to tell how the MultiVariants – bulk order app seamlessly integrates with these two features of creating B2B catalogs and Shopify native multi-currency for Shopify Plus users.

What Is Shopify B2B Catalog Pricing

The B2B catalog price feature enables merchants to provide discounted prices to certain customers. By setting up a specific price catalog, shop owners can offer a particular product at different prices to different clients.

On your Shopify Plus store, you are to create companies with specific locations and pricing catalogs. You can offer prices to your B2B customers based on the locations they choose when they log in to your store. 

What Is Shopify Native Multi-Currency

Shopify Native Multi-Currency is a feature that allows Shopify buyers to check product prices in their local currencies. 

This feature detects the customer’s location and API to convert the products’ prices into the local currency. This feature makes shopping more convenient for eCommerce customers worldwide because it reduces confusion regarding the payment amount.

Having a way of showing multiple currencies to customers makes international clients’ shopping experiences more pleasant by eliminating the need for a currency converter app or other tedious manual calculations.

How MultiVariants Supports B2B Catalog Pricing & Native Multi-Currency On Shopify Plus

Creating a B2B catalog price list is a wonderful feature that empowers you to customize your customers’ shopping experience. And MultiVariants – Shopify quick order app seamlessly integrates with this feature. 

With MultiVariants installed on your Shopify Plus store, you can display all the product variations in a single product page offering tailored pricing catalogs. This will help you save your customers valuable time and customize the buying experience. So, optimizing your product page with a Shopify wholesale ordering app that supports creating B2B catalog pricing features might really bring wonder to your business.  

Your customer can buy products from your store in their local currencies if you are using Shopify Markets. This feature of native multi-currency lets you display product prices based on the customers’ locations. With MultiVariants – shopify quick wholesale ordering app installed on your Shopify Plus store, you do not need to do anything additional to adjust this app with the native multi-currency feature. 

To optimize your product page with MultiVariants’ quick wholesale ordering app that seamlessly supports Creating B2B pricing catalogs and Native multi-currency features on Shopify Plus, follow the below simple steps –

  • Go to the Shopify app store
  • Search MultiVariants – bulk order app and click install
  • Enjoy the new features of “creating B2B catalog pricing” and “native multi-currency” with MultiVariants.

How MultiVariants Is Beneficial For The Merchants Using Shopify Plus Plan

As already mentioned, MultiVariants – bulk order app easily integrates with the Shopify plus feature of creating B2B catalogs and Shopify native multi-currency. This lets the merchants offer their customers an improved ordering experience. Moreover, with this Shopify Plus wholesale ordering app installed on your Shopify Plus store –

  • Your customers can access the price catalogs and place bulk orders easily. You do not require any coding or to do anything to adjust the MultiVariants – bulk order app with your B2B pricing catalogs. 
  • Allow your customers to see the prices in their local currencies and place their orders quickly. MultiVariants automatically integrates with the Shopify native multi-currency feature. 
  • Create an optimized product page that really saves your customers valuable time when placing bulk orders.
  • Get more loyal customers by offering tailored prices and a quick order process.

Final Words

“Creating B2B catalogs” empowers you to offer tailored pricing to your customers and the “native multi-currency” feature lets your customer see product prices in their local currencies. 

MultiVariants – bulk order app now supports these two wonderful features for Shopify Plus users. With this app installed on your store, you can offer quick wholesale ordering and create B2B pricing catalogs and display the product prices in the customers’ local currency.

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