Shopify bulk order app with minimum order limits and maximum for product variants

Increase B2B Sales By Creating Order Minimums

Increase B2B Sales By Creating Order Minimums With MultiVariants

The B2B market is growing yearly and shows no signs of slowing down soon. However, the biggest growth that B2B businesses are seeing is in sales in the eCommerce space. Gartner Sales Survey found that 83% of B2B buyers prefer ordering from online stores.  B2B businesses try to ensure that online stores are equipped to […]

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Understanding The Importance Of B2B Buyer Personas On Shopify

Understanding The Importance of B2B Buyer Personas on Shopify

You probably have heard the saying: the customer is always right. But sometimes you have to wonder: Are they right, or is your understanding of your customers bringing success? Both are equally important, but I must lean towards the knowledge that your customer is more important for continued success. One way businesses online can better […]

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Importance of Inventory Management in a B2B Business

For B2B businesses, there are specific processes that every business should follow. Probably the most important one out of them all is managing inventory. You can say that inventory is the lifeblood of all B2B businesses.  According to Deloitte, 6% of poor-performing supply chains that conduct inventory management can grow in revenue. That is significantly […]

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How To Make A Buyer Persona For A B2B Business

Comprehensive Guide On How To Make A Buyer Persona For A B2B Business

Understanding your customers’ needs is essential. In the B2B or B2C market, gaining a deeper understanding of your customers will help increase your sales and profit. The one framework that allows your business to understand your customers is through buyer personas. Rock Content blog states that 82% of the companies created better quality value propositions […]

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Future Trends of B2B Segmentation

Key To B2B Success – Future Trends of B2B Segmentation In 2024

B2B customers can be confusing to understand. The mistake is made in trying to understand a large, unclear picture, which is what businesses seem to do. Instead, it is much easier to understand more minor and explicit images. That is what customer segmentation allows for your business. It divides your customer base into smaller segments […]

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