Shopify bulk order app with minimum order limits and maximum for product variants

Shopify Smart Search To Drive Sales

Level Up Your Shopify Smart Search To Drive Sales

When competition is fierce, and customer expectations are higher than ever, having a practical search functionality on your Shopify store is crucial. Enter Shopify’s Smart Search, a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the user experience and drive sales. Intelligent Search is not just about finding products; it’s about understanding your customers’ intent, providing relevant […]

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Vendor Relationship Strategies For B2B Inventory Success

10 Vendor Relationship Strategies For B2B Inventory Success

As your business operations grow it’s hard to manage everything yourself. That is especially true if you run a B2B business. Keeping track of a large inventory is time-consuming and increases lead times when inventory is mismanaged. That is why more businesses are focusing on vendor relationships than ever before. Tech Pro Research survey found […]

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Strategic CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) Reduction: A Practical Guide for B2B Business

Rising acquisition costs are a danger to the profitability of many business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, even though these organizations need new customers. Across all industries, CAC has increased by 50% or more over the last five years, meaning that every new client spends more on sales and marketing. In a typical 100-500-person organization, 7 people make […]

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Measuring the Success of B2B Business During Christmas

10 Ways to Measure the Success of B2B Business During Christmas

Marketing and advertising are two crucial tools to reach targeted consumers directly. Especially in a B2B business, to become successful during holidays, businessperson takes the extra step to beat their competition.  Email advertising, online discounts, and other retail promotion forms successfully measure business success. Still, a holiday season requires more strategy to strengthen the B2B […]

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Branding for B2B eCommerce Success: A Shopify Case Study

Shopify is one of the best platforms to open a B2B wholesale online business because it has over 2 billion customers. It is cheap, easy to use, and packed with several customer-centric tools that are helpful for eCommerce expansion.  For a business person who is concerned about their product’s brand identity, Shopify can be an […]

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User Experience and Brand Perception for B2B Business

User Experience and Brand Perception: The Keys to B2B Success

The term “user experience” usually describes how a customer feels after using a service. It’s all about the look, the logo, the interface, and the features of a website or an app. It’s a common fact that a brand’s success may depend on the quality of its customer experience. It goes beyond meeting an individual’s […]

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Essential Role of eCommerce Websites in Modern Marketing

The Essential Role of eCommerce Websites in Modern Marketing

If you are doing business online, then you need an eCommerce website for sure. Undoubtedly, your primary website opens the way of virtual marketing way for your storefront. But, you can not deny the necessity of a fully optimized product page. A product or service website makes the first impression in front of your existing […]

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17 Ways to Make a Successful eCommerce Marketing Strategy

eCommerce marketing works best for growth, sales, and exposure for well-known brands. It is becoming increasingly important for online businesses and people who are interested in buying things online. But the competition in the eCommerce business sector is growing every day. Because of this, many marketers cannot do an excellent job of marketing themselves because […]

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MultiVariants has earned 200+ Positive Reviews at Shopify

Customer trust is hard to gain, but MultiVariants – Bulk Order App did it. This revolutionary Shopify app lets customers effortlessly place bulk orders with minimum/maximum conditions set by merchants. MultiVarinats earned 200+ favourable reviews and a 5-star average rating in the Shopify app store. MultiVariants is popular with Shopify shops looking to improve order […]

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