Adding Multiple Products into Cart at Shopify

Bulk Order Add-to-cart at Shopify

Do you want to know the fundament of quick shop Shopify? Then you are at the right place. Though automatically adding products to a cart on Shopify is not possible by default, there are some custom solutions. For example, using a quick shopping app for Shopify and doing manual coding. Besides that, some customer wants to know how Shopify add variants to their cart works.

In this article, we will shed some light on adding multiple products into cart at Shopify with some advantages. 

What is a Bulk Order Add-to-Cart at Shopify?

A bulk order is a process that allows a customer to purchase a product in large quantities. Bulk ordering is a popular term in a B2B wholesale business. In Shopify, several business people want to add bulk products to the cart to save time.

Putting many items in a shopping cart at once can be helpful in various situations. If you are a wholesaler, you should place an order for a lot of things all at once. Or, if you are a shop owner, try out many items before selling them.

On the other hand, performing bulk orders in a back-and-forth process at Shopify requires lots of time, but unfortunately, Shopify does not support that by default. For this reason, many Shopify business owners seek help for this problem and try to learn how to perform bulk order add-to-cart.

Adding Multiple Products to the Cart at Shopify with 2 ways

f you are concerned about how to add multiple products to cart Shopify, here are the two suitable ways that a store owner can apply his store to sell products in bulk besides allowing their customer to bulk add to cart Shopify.

  1. Coding is The Custom Solution
  2. Using a Third-Party App

Way 1: Coding is The Custom Solution

You can customize a solution to provide bulk order add-to-cart features at the Shopify store. If you know how to code or have access to a developer, it is a matter of minutes.

To implement this solution, a personalized user interface can be designed so that customers can simultaneously add several items and quantities to their cart. Managing the shopping cart and ensuring the correct products and amounts are added requires using Shopify’s Application Programming Interface (API).

Here is the process for introducing a personalized add-on cart feature for bulk orders:

First, make a specialized user interface that allows buyers to choose numerous items and quantities. Use the Shopify API to manage your cart. Then, check whether the selected items and quantities are correctly added.

Way 2: Using a Third-Party App

Using a third-party app is another solution for allowing customers to add bulk items to a cart at Shopify. There are bunches of apps available at Shopify that allow B2B businesses to grow smoothly with the help of the bulk ordering process. 

Among these apps, there are a few versatile ones, and they not only support bulk order add-to-cart but also support making bundle variants like mix and match, quantity drop-down selector, pre-set value, putting restrictions, and setting MOQ

Advantages of bulk adding products to the cart

  1. The Ultimate Time Saver
  2. Boost Productivity
  3. Maximize the Satisfaction of Customers
  4. Increase AOV of customers
  5. The Ultimate Helping Hand of Wholesale Clients
  6. Reduce Cart Abandonment
  7. Makes Customer Repetitive
  8. Profitable for B2B Business At Shopify

Advantage 1- The Ultimate Time Saver 

What is the motto of using bulk add-to-cart at Shopify? Why do B2B businesses desire this feature when it is unavailable at Shopify? If you are a wholesale buyer, there is doubt that you will try to save your time as much as possible, and other wholesale buyers are the same. 

When a customer can order a good volume of products in bulk and add them to a cart in a minute, it will be the ultimate time-saving process for a busy businessman.

Advantage 2- Boost Productivity

Bulk order add-to-cart is a good way for a business that sells to other businesses (B2B) to increase its output. When the buying process is easy, merchants have more time to do other essential things, such as managing stock, helping customers, and planning for growth. And these things help a company become more productive. 

There are thousands of responsibilities in a B2B business, and bulk order add-to-cart is one of them, but this is only some of it. The success of a company as a whole depends on how productive its employees are and how strategic a company owner is.

Advantage 3- Maximize the Satisfaction of Customers

Businesses selling to other businesses (B2B) find the bulk add-to-cart feature very satisfying because it helps them save time and resources. When dealing with a large selection of products, adding each to the shopping cart might be inconvenient and time-consuming.

B2B Business-to-business customers expect a streamlined ordering procedure because they frequently make several transactions or buy in bulk. While Shopify has several benefits for business-to-consumer companies, the lack of a bulk add-to-cart feature may cause some B2B companies to go elsewhere for a more suitable platform.

Advantage 4- Increases AOV of customers

Customers’ average order value could go up using bulk add-to-cart. If Wholesale customers find your business offers Shopify quick order form, they will likely become interested in buying from your store. As a result, The average order value of your store will rise, which is excellent for the company’s bottom line.

Namogoo found that 20% of consumers who receive a personalized offer spend more than $50 on a single purchase.

Advantage 5- The Ultimate Helping Hand of Wholesale Clients

Bulk add-to-cart is a helpful feature that makes the add-to-cart process easy for wholesale customers. 

The ability to swiftly add things to the cart and complete transactions in bulk saves time and decreases the likelihood of making any mistakes or forgetting any items. Because of this convenience allows wholesalers and their customers to form deeper and longer-lasting bonds.

Advantage 6- Reduce Cart Abandonment 

Potential customers may only abandon their shopping carts if the checkout process is simple and extended. Customers are less likely to abandon their carts when the purchasing process is simplified by the ability to quickly and easily add multiple items at once. Any company’s bottom line would profit from a lower cart abandonment rate by increasing the conversion rate.

Advantage 7- Makes Customer Repetitive

Customers are encouraged to become repeat purchases when they can add many items to their shopping basket at once. Customers are more likely to make repeat purchases after having a pleasant online buying experience with the firm. consumers who shop with you again have a higher lifetime value and are worth more to your company than new consumers.

Advantage 8-Profitable for B2B Business at Shopify

B2B Shopify stores can be competitive by adopting the bulk add-to-cart feature. More business-to-business customers can be attracted by fine-tuning the ordering process and focusing on the demands of wholesale purchasers. Profitability rises as a direct result of enhanced customer pleasure, loyalty, and average order value.

Disadvantages of Bulk Adding Products to the Cart

While there are many benefits to using Shopify’s bulk add option, it is also essential to be aware of the potential drawbacks. The potential drawbacks of Shopify’s bulk add-to-cart functionality will be discussed below. While it has the potential to save time and effort for B2B companies, it may also have significant technological requirements.

  1. Complex Method
  2. Needs Specific Instructions
  3. Order Error Probability
  4. Few Possibilities for Personalization
  5. Not Suitable for All Products
  6. The possibility of Cart Abandonment can get increased

Disadvantages 1- Complex Method

Users of Shopify may need to familiarize themselves with the feature or Shopify’s bulk order add-to-cart. But only some business people are familiar with it. They also need to know

multiple item selection, quantity control, and error-free addition of suitable goods may all be part of the process. 

Mastering the bulk add-to-cart process may take time and effort for less tech-savvy customers or those new to the platform. Wholesale customers would want an easy ordering process, and its intricacy could irritate them.

Disadvantages 2- Needs Specific Instructions

Some familiarity with Shopify’s admin and the appropriate tools may be helpful for users who want to make the most of the bulk add-to-cart feature. If you want a problem-free experience, it could be crucial that you know how to use the platform, identify products, and make the appropriate adjustments. 

Some users may be put off by the need for technical knowledge, especially those who choose more intuitive interfaces and simplified processes. To address this challenge, businesses may need to provide proper training or seek assistance from Shopify specialists.

Disadvantages 3- Order Error Probability

While adding multiple items at once to your shopping cart can save time. Equally, it  increases the possibility of making a mistake. Errors while ordering product can occur when the wrong products or quantities are selected during the bulk order. It decrease the number of happy customers and amke financial losses. 

To avoid this, you must pay close attention to detail and thoroughly check. To reduce the possibility of these kinds of mistakes, businesses should implement safeguards like confirmation prompts and order review mechanisms.

Disadvantages 4- Few Possibilities for Personalization

The default Shopify bulk add-to-cart feature may need more flexibility to meet the business requirements of different businesses. For instance, Some B2B companies may need customize button to fulfill the demand of  volume orders, unique price tiers, discounts, or other features. 

The extra customization time or installing expensive third-party apps may be required in such a scenario. Before installing any bulk add-to-cart app, businesses should thoroughly evaluate their customization needs and business requirements.

Disadvantages 5- Not Suitable for All Products

The ability to add several items to a shopping cart at once may only be available for some products. For example, the default bulk-adding capability may not function optimally for products that requires extensive personalization choices, or complex product structures. 

This restriction may be an inconvenience for companies that sell specific goods. In such a case, companies may need to look into other options, that will let their customer to perform bulk orders, such as custom creation options.

Disadvantages 6- The Possibility of Cart Abandonment Can Get Increased

Customers may abandon their shopping carts if they find adding multiple items is really complex at your store. If the bulk-adding process is too complicated or confusing, B2B customers may give up on making a transaction and go elsewhere. Because usually they are pretty busy and they have lots of work to do for their business.

According to Baymard Institute, the typical cart abandonment rate is 69.99%. And online shopping cart abandonment rates fluctuate from 56% to 81%.

A high percentage of shopping cart abandonment might hurt sales. Businesses can reduce their exposure to this threat by making the bulk add-to-cart procedure simple, easy, and user-friendly by using appropriate apps, and taking feedback from customers.

What Are The Limitations Of Each Method?

Limitation 1- Coding

Coding is a technical solution that requires the expertise of a professional. Hiring a developer may be costly, but to avoid significant mistakes, there are no other sustainable alternatives because an improper coding application can raise potential regarding ordering bulk orders. 

Limitation 2- Third-party app

The cost of using third-party software might add up quickly, especially if you are looking for a versatile and feature-rich option. Before choosing an app, remember that different third-party programs’ functionality varies widely. While some may let you set min/max order quantity or make bundles, on the other hand, some apps may allow you to order in bulk or bulk order add to cart.

So, to reduce this problem choose an application that allows all these things together. 

What are some common mistakes in bulk adding products to a cart?

While adding multiple items at once to a shopping cart, it is common for customers to forget to double-check everything before checking out. Users may need to pay more attention to essential steps. Otherwise, they can add the wrong products to their shopping carts if they are in a rush.

Because of this carelessness, customers may receive the wrong products or need to wait longer to get the expected product.

Adding wrong amounts of product in a cart while ordering bulk is another common problem. B2B wholesalers usually prefer to buy the same product in different variants. Adding multiple variants to the cart Shopify is becoming popular nowadays. Variations of a product can come in different sizes, colors, or flavors are common in many products. As a result, customers can add the wrong variants of products. 

Moreover, the incorrect application of prices or discounts during the bulk add-to-cart procedure can cause invoicing problems, revenue losses, and consumer disputes. Maintaining happy customers and a healthy bottom line requires meticulous attention to pricing.

Mistakes can also be made because users need to learn more about how the bulk add-to-cart function works at Shopify. Customers can be unfamiliar with the quick order add-to-cart process of Shopify. So, the storeowner must offer them such an application that will be easy to use and seamless to understand. A versatile bulk add-to-cart application reduces the complexity of personalization in purchasing products.

Adding Multiple Products into Cart at Shopify with MultiVariants -Bulk Order App

Though, it is up to the company what solution they want to provide their customer. If they choose to code, they should code in a way so that a store can use tags and categories to organize its product catalog, and this is the same goes for using a third-party app for Shopify as well.

Bottom Line

Shopify makes it easy to add multiple products to the shopping cart. two simple approaches that we already covered here. We detailed how to implement each strategy and discussed each option’s benefits and drawbacks. Hopefully, this article will be helpful if you want to know how to add many versions to a cart in Shopify.

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