Tips for Successful B2B Business: Usage of Shopify wholesale app

Usage of Wholesale App at Shopify

There is a lot of competition in the B2B eCommerce industry presently. Hence, companies need to come up with creative solutions to stay ahead. Starting a wholesale business is smart, and Shopify is an excellent platform for doing so.

Shopify wholesale allows businesses to sell their items through various channels, such as merchants and resellers, and this is the best platform to reach a bigger audience. However, retailer and wholesaler can increase their customer base and boost revenue by doing business at Shopify. 

Shopify’s most interesting and useful fact is that it has thousands of apps in the app store. Explodingtopics reports that users have downloaded more than 25 million Shopify apps.

Shopify has three types of apps: public apps, custom apps and draft apps. Under these categories, several powerful eCommerce apps can be listed, such as product personalizers, bulk order apps, automation tools, discount apps, SEO tools, etc. These apps make it easy for businesses to manage their business efficiently. 

Shopify also includes various theme and plugin options to help companies make their online presence unique and engaging.

This article will focus on using the Shopify Wholesale app to run a successful B2B business.

What is Wholesale at Shopify? 

Shopify Wholesale can be beneficial if you want to grow your business by selling wholesale items in bulk. Shopify Wholesale allows you to sell products in large quantities to other companies at a wholesale cost.

Shopify Wholesale lets you start selling to retailers in bulk by allowing you to develop an exclusive assortment of products for wholesale buyers. Having this option available streamlines the shopping experience for your wholesale clientele. 

Wholesale customers can be given special pricing based on order volume or minimum purchase requirements. You can create a particular landing page for your wholesale customers with all the information they need to order with you. 

Shopify’s Wholesale Order Form app lets you make a unique order form for wholesale customers, streamlining their ordering and management processes. 

You can maintain tabs on your inventory management system using a Shopify wholesale app. These apps work in a versatile way, which allows a wholesaler to perform different bulk order actions that are not available at Shopify by default.

What is the Shopify Wholesale app?

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus allow for the installation of business-centric third-party applications. The Wholesale Shopify apps allow Shopify wholesalers to offer their customers special perks they do not usually provide. For instance, the Shopify wholesale app allows merchants to set minimum and maximum quantities for each product, including multiple variants.

Putting MOQ gives storeowners better control over how much they want to sell. By utilizing Shopify Wholesale, business owners can access a broader customer base, produce more revenue, and take on less risk.

Merchants can optimize their profit margins by using the platform’s adjustable pricing for products and variants, creating different types of bundle variants, and offering volume-based pricing.

A Shopify Wholesale app allows merchants to expand their sales and take advantage of the current audience of another brand. This is a fantastic alternative if a Shopify store owner wants to save money on marketing and sales.

Is Shopify a Good Choice for Wholesale Sales?

Shopify is perfect for wholesale sales. Shopify has many features that are well suited for wholesale businesses.

  • One of the best things about Shopify is that, it lets you make bundles of goods that you can sell in bulk. And your customer can buy it in bulk.
  • Also, at Shopify wholesaler can save their money based on quantities, or orders.
  • Additionally, wholesalers can also use Shopify’s tools and integrations facilities.
  • If you have a large Shopify business with lots of inventory and would like to spend less money on advertising, then you might consider Shopify Wholesale.

Shopify’s Wholesale Apps and Their Significance

Businesses that want to get more customers and make more money by selling in bulk can use Shopify wholesale apps. B2B Businesses can take advantage of wholesale discounts on a bigger range of goods more easily with these apps because they make ordering easier. 

As a storeowner you can set your product prices based on order size, product bundles, and other factors to better meet the demands of your wholesale customers. 

B2B Both businesspeople and customers can save time and energy with the help of wholesale apps because both can streamline the sales process, inventory management, and customer acquisition.

By using a wholesale app for Shopify, businesses can easily automate customer onboarding, manage inventory, and set up discounts with lightning speed.

Let’s explore some advantages and factors of using the Shopify Wholesale App- 

Advantage 1- Increased Sales

The Shopify Wholesale App helps B2B businesses make more money by making it simple for sellers to quickly buy goods. As we know, self-service shopping makes it easy for stores that want to buy product in bulk.

For instance, after installing a third-party app, your customers do not need to email you to make an order when they visit your Shopify store. When your customers see that you are offering them an easy process to save their time, they will appreciate that, and there is a high chance that they will become repeat customers.

Advantage 2- Improved Profitability

Shopify Wholesale Apps boost wholesale profit margins. Order fulfillment and inventory management can be automated to save up time for other corporate tasks.

Automation of data entry and computations reduces errors. The Shopify Wholesale App may enter order data into an accounting system for wholesalers. This saves time and reduces errors.

Advantage 3- Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A simpler ordering method may boost Shopify Wholesale App’s client happiness. simplifying the ordering, tracking, and account management processes for your merchants will increase their satisfaction with your business.

Your customer may now check order status in their Shopify Wholesale App account instead of waiting for you to respond to emails. This will improve their experience and reduce their discomfort.

Advantage 4- Strengthened Customer Relationships

The store owner can enhance customer relationships by providing extra perks, rather than Shopify, by using a wholesale app. Using these methods, you can maintain consistent communication with your wholesale clientele, cater to their unique demands, and always have supply. 

With the Shopify Wholesale App, a wholesaler no longer needs to keep track of stock levels manually; instead, they can do it in real-time. This notifies wholesale customers of low inventories and prevents stockouts.

Advantage 5- Provide A Smart Inventory Management System 

With the Shopify Wholesale App, a wholesaler no longer needs to keep track of stock levels manually; instead, they can do it in real-time.

The Shopify Wholesale App’s smart inventory management system ensures that a wholesaler always has enough stock. Shopify has a bulk order app that shows “in stock” and “out of stock” badges. In addition, this app helps a storeowner keep an eye on this inventory. Also, it allows customers to know how much they can buy.

Similarly, as a wholesaler, you can track the inventory when you need to restock products.

Let’s have a look at how a wholesale app works- 

Wholesale app for Shopify

Here, a wholesaler sells water bottles in multiple colors and offers bulk orders to his customers, allowing them to add to their cart with one click. Additionally, this product page shows an “in stock badge with the number of products”. This wholesaler offers all these things with the help of a Shopify wholesale app. This type of app also allows you to put MOQ and includes bundles like mix and match, bundle quantity, quantity selector drop-down and so on. 

Hare, this storeowner used features according to his needs and store demand.

Way of Finding the best Shopify Wholesale app for your store 

You can utilize one of the many Shopify Wholesale Apps to build up your wholesale channel on Shopify. There is no need to open a separate wholesale outlet when using these apps to provide special pricing to your wholesale clientele, which will directly impact your average order value.

They also quickly build and give a dedicated location for your wholesale buyers to see your products. Due to the range of available prices, this will be unavailable to your target market. Most importantly, these programs allow you to set prices and implement automatic reductions.

Finding the right Shopify app for wholesale requires thinking about your unique requirements. To begin, evaluating your wholesale business’s needs and priorities is essential. Then, investigate and evaluate several Shopify apps that provide wholesale features.

Apps that have received high marks from previous Shopify store owners are worth checking out. To learn more about how the app has contributed to the wholesale success of other businesses, read case studies and testimonials. Consider the app’s learning curve, accessibility, and ability to sync with your current Shopify store.

Top Feature of a Shopify Wholesale App

There are a lot of Shopify Wholesale apps out there, so picking the right one might take a lot of work. Finding and installing the right apps is the key to releasing the store’s latent potential for cost savings and greater productivity. The best apps for wholesale firms are highlighted, including those that help with discounts, inventory sync, order monitoring, and customer profiles.

The top Wholesale apps may help your company in many ways, including advanced inventory management systems, quick orders, setting bulk pricing, selling products with multiple variants, etc. 

Each Shopify Wholesale app has been developed to fulfill some specific bulk ordering issue. However, there are some that work as a versatile app. Let’s have a look at wholesale business-centric app features- 

  • Works with all Shopify themes 
  • No coding requires
  • Variants display in swatch, list, and drop-down
  • Setting Mini/max quantity for the combination of variants
  • One-click add to cart for multiple variants
  • Display the total price for selected variants and quantities
  • Display all variants in the list with the quantity input box

MultiVariants a Shopify wholesale app

Here, we can see that the store owner is selling jeans in different sizes on one product page with the help of a Shopify wholesale app. Buying multiple product variants in a short period helps customers save valuable time. In eCommerce, every business person is busy improving their business instead of wasting time purchasing products at Shopify in a back-and-forth process.

On the other hand, showing prices with in-stock product numbers reduces confusion for both sides. Sometimes, when a customer buys many products, a sudden price increase can concern them. 

In such a situation, showing the product price with the product quantity box can be the problem solver.

Bottom Line

If you want to succeed in the highly competitive field of B2B eCommerce, it’s necessary to be creative and strategic. Using Shopify Wholesale is vital to growing a B2B business. It has robust features that simplify handling wholesale pricing, client contacts, and order processing. The Shopify Wholesale app is your key to success in the business-to-business sector.


Can I set up a wholesale page in Shopify?

Yes, you can set up the wholesale page in Shopify with third-party apps. Shopify wholesale apps can help you open and run a wholesale store. Common aspects of these apps include wholesale pricing instructions. Limits on wholesale products, Manage wholesale orders, Manage client accounts. 

Is Shopify profitable for Wholesale Business?

Yes, it is. To make your Shopify B2B online store attractive and safe for customers, install bundle variant apps, hire a developer or do coding yourself.

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