What Are Best Wholesale Products To Sell in 2024?

Best Wholesale Products To Sell in 2022

Wholesaling refers to buying products in bulk from a manufacturer at a low price and then selling them for resale at a high price.

Wholesaling is getting popular nowadays. Wholesalers play an important role in modern supply chains by reducing processing costs and time. If you become convinced that you want the perk of buying in bulk, then you must know the fundamentals of wholesale. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the last few years, the wholesale trade industry has grown by 43%, whereas the retail trade industry has grown by 50%.

To become a wholesaler, purchasing, retailing, distribution, and wholesale purchase agreements are important. In addition, knowing what the best wholesale products are is essential.

It is essential to choose wholesale goods that are in high demand because they can be obtained from a variety of suppliers and will boost your eCommerce business ideas.

In this article, we will discuss – what are the best wholesale products to sell in 2024.

Best Wholesale Products to Sell: What are Those?

If you have a good wholesale idea and a B2B marketing strategy, your organization can flourish easily. If you are planning to buy products wholesale for reselling them, analyse the crucial factors on how to buy wholesale for resale to find the legitimate wholesale products. Using proven wholesale products can increase your profits, though there are a few more potential steps that a wholesale business usually requires.

Suppose you have a store on Shopify and your customers are used to placing bulk orders. So, why will you sell illegitimate products instead of legitimate ones?

Here we are making a list of some potential wholesale products. But keep in mind that these product lists will not last forever. They will change and will depend on customer demand as well.

  1. Print media
  2. Grocery items
  3. Entertainment media
  4. Clothing, Footwear, and Jewelry
  5. Baby items
  6. Electronic item
  7. Holiday decorations and gifts
  8. Sporting goods

#1 Print Media

Print media such as books, comics, and magazines are among the most obvious items to sell in bulk. To start selling this type of product, you do not need a lot of money, a popular variety, or a global attraction.

You can choose from a bunch of eCommerce print media suppliers for your business. Before you buy, make sure you have good knowledge of reseller rights. In this case, set appropriate minimum and maximum order quantities and restrictions by using a bulk order application to boost your sales.

Here are some wholesale publication types:

  • Recipe book
  • Kid book
  • Comic books
  • Novels
  • Magazines

#2 Grocery Items

To sell wholesale, grocery items are a good option. You may feel surprised to know about it, but the reality is that numerous wholesale food and beverage items are easy to make, store, package, and ship.

These types of grocery items are perfect for selling on a wholesale marketplace for those who are trying to increase their B2B business.

According to IBIS World, sales in the grocery wholesaling industry fell 4.1 percent in 2020 because of the temporary shutdown of various markets and supply chain disruptions.

So, as you can see, grocery items make a big contribution to the wholesale business.

#3 Entertainment Media

Entertainment media refers to CDs, DVDs, games, documentaries, and movies. Millions of people watch old movies, documentaries, and superhero movies. Selling such types of media can help you build a commercially viable wholesale business. But before starting this type of wholesale business, check the commercial requirements.

#4 Clothing, Footwear, and Jewelry

T-shirts, Schoks, undergarments, and various types of jewelry are examples of fancy items. Getting started in most wholesale markets is inexpensive, and it is especially true in the clothing industry.

Most clothing items will be available for 5% of your budget, so a large number of businessmen will incur expenses to start wholesale business clothes. In the case of jewelry and footwear products, the investment could be a bit high.

Being a distributor of wholesale clothing, jewelry, and footwear is challenging because there are already lots of products on the global market and many businesses do not want wholesalers. So before starting, you should always conduct independent research and study the brands’ selling limits.

#5 Baby Items

According to IBIS World, the sales growth competition in online baby product sales is high. 37.8% of the market is predicted to be occupied by the four largest operators.

Therefore, there will always be a market for children’s things. So, wholesale providers offer a wide variety of products, including games, toys, picture books, and other kid-friendly items.

#6 Electronic Items

Electronic accessories are becoming extremely important as more people are getting interested in digital technology and entertainment. If you put in the time and effort, you can break into the wholesale market with modest startup costs and make good money.

Laptop, computer, mobile, fridge, television There are many more options available for the electronics wholesale business.

Keep in mind that a large number of electronics manufacturers have license agreements or restrictions on selling their products. Researching applicable laws is always in your best interest.

#7 Holiday Decorations and Gifts

Any kind of holiday sale is beneficial for wholesale business. If you own an eCommerce business on the Shopify platform, you can use a product customization app to sell personalized products and a bulk order app to create an easy wholesale opportunity for your customers.

Flowers, customized gifts, cards, and chocolate can be bought wholesale during the holiday season. On the other hand, you can also sell decorative accessories at your shop. For instance, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s require decoration.

According to YouGov, 43% of Americans decorate their yards or homes for the holidays, while 72% of Americans decorate the inside of their homes, and 1% of people do not know yet whether they will decorate their homes or not.

As you can see, a lot of people buy decoration items during the holidays. Planning to sell decoration items wholesale is a good idea.

#8 Sporting Goods

Wholesalers of sporting goods should also be aware of the seasonal nature of their business. Sales peak in the late spring and early fall, especially in places where it is still warm outside. Start with wholesale sports items.

Prepare your wholesale inventory according to the upcoming sports season and make a list of what sports items are the best wholesale products to sell.

Bottom Line

To maximize the benefits of wholesale products, you should sell different and attractive products. If you desire significant earnings from the product, it must be technically profitable. Identify the requirements for selling the product successfully.

Evaluate the taxes you must pay, the cost of product packaging, the cost of shipping, and even the marketing expenses you must pay to promote the goods. So, stop wasting your time thinking about what the best wholesale products are to sell.

Do some analysis of the market demand and start selling products wholesale. Including the mentioned products, a wholesaler can also sell bags, cosmetics, food items, and other products that are in high demand.


Can you sell wholesale products as your own?

As wholesale purchases are typically always made in large quantities, customers should look to save money on their purchases. Profits can be made at your store when you buy wholesale things and resell them at a higher price.

Is selling wholesale worth it?

Wholesale products perform best when profit margins are already quite high. That means they are inexpensive to produce but sell at a higher price. The rule of thumb for wholesale pricing is to double the product’s production costs.

How much can you make wholesale?

Most retail brands try to make a profit margin of 30–50% at the wholesale level. On the other hand, direct-to-consumer retailers try to make a profit margin of 55–65%.