How To Apply Minimum Order Quantity In Shopify For Your Wholesale Business?

Wholesale Minimum Order Quantity for Shopify

Minimum Order Quantity For Your Wholesale Business

Selling products in volume or wholesale!!!

Why so?

It’s because selling in volume is more practical and profitable to continue the business steadily. It keeps the profit margin stable as well. To keep the business operational consistently, selling in volume is a safe business strategy in the long run.

Therefore, comes the minimum or maximum order quantity. Through enabling a fixed order quantity, manufacturers or suppliers can produce small or big orders and sell at once.

Not only an eCommerce business owner like you but, for most, minimum order quantity for wholesale businesses often does the job ideally.

If you’re a store owner at the Shopify platform, it will be easier to describe and for you to understand. Here in this article, you’ll get to know about minimum order quantity and how to apply minimum order quantity in Shopify for your wholesale store:

What Is Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ is quite self-explanatory on its own. It’s a business strategy where a buyer must order a product to a minimum amount to purchase from a wholesaler or supplier.

For instance, you have fixed 100 units or $200 MOQ for your product. It means a buyer must purchase at least 100 units or spend $200 to do business with you.

The order value could be either minimum or maximum or even both. It entirely depends on your target. You might have no problem doing business if the buyer is interested only in ordering 100 units or more. But, another supplier may not even go for a deal if it’s not an order of 10,000 units.

How To Apply Minimum Order Quantity In Shopify?

There are two ways to enable minimum purchase order quantity for your wholesale store in Shopify:

#1 Minimum Order Amount For Your Wholesale Store

Wholesale customers who do not have their minimum order amount must make an order that meets or exceeds the amount set for your store.

  • Go to your Shopify admin.
  • Open the wholesale channel (available only for Shopify Plus).
  • Click preferences.
  • Enable set a minimum purchase option
  • Set the amount you want that also match or exceed wholesale draft orders
  • Click save

#2 Minimum Order Amount For A Specific Wholesale Customer

You already have a set up minimum order amount for your wholesale store. But you can also set a minimum order amount for an individual wholesale customer to meet or exceed their wholesale order needs.

To enable minimum wholesale minimum purchase order amount for an individual customer, go to your Shopify admin:

  • Open the wholesale channel (available only for Shopify Plus).
  • Click on Customers.
  • Click on the individual customer name from the table
  • Enable Set a minimum purchase.
  • Specify the minimum amount to meet or exceed the individual customer’s minimum order quantity.
  • Click Save.

The wholesale channel is available for your wholesale store only if you have Shopify Plus plans included. If not, then you can use an app like MultiVariants – Bulk Order from Shopify App Store to enable the wholesale minimum amount order in your store.

MultiVariants – Bulk Order To Enable Wholesale Minimum Order Quantity For Your Shopify Store

If you are selling multiple variants of products or, in bulk, MultiVariants could be an excellent solution for you. The best thing about MultiVariants is that it allows your wholesale customers to order multiple variants and quantities and a one-click add to cart option at the same time.

MultiVariants – Bulk Order has many offers for your Shopify store like:

  • Features for your B2B/wholesale store.
  • Super easy installation process. No coding required.
  • Automatically works with most themes.
  • Easy ordering process using grid or matrix layout
  • Sell products in bundle/incremental quantities for wholesale orders. Customers can choose quantities from the drop-down menu to order in bulk.
  • Displays total pricing of the product variants and quantities before clicking add-to-cart.
  • The minimum and maximum order quantity input option is available for products and variants.

Final Words

When you target wholesale customers to continue a balanced business and constant cash flow, you’re preparing to sell your products en masse. Isn’t it so?

Through enabling wholesale minimum quantity orders, you can get rid of low-budget customers and save yourself from the pain of dealing with bargain-hunters. It also ensures the right people get in to do business with you. Suppliers and manufacturers you’re working with, too, need to make a profit while fulfilling your store orders. MOQ ensures that they do.

Get MultiVariants from Shopify App Store