WildCraft Brewery: Custom Beer Packs on Shopify

For events, weddings, and other private functions, beers bring more to the entertainment. To many people, drinking beer helps them relax when they are nervous in social situations. People generally drink beer in order to have fun. Drinking beer at parties or other functions with friends is more fun to experience.

WildCraft Brewery offers multiple beer packs with discounts and perks. They are using the Shopify platform and offering their healthy beer packs with an improved order process so that customers can place the order quickly on Shopify.

This article tells how they are ensuring a quick ordering app on Shopify which is saving their customers valuable time while placing orders. 

WildCraft Brewery – Get Your Next Glass Of Beer Made With High-Quality Ingredients

It was Mike and Mark who became friends through playing a crazy online game named Clash of Clans and building WildCraft Brewery together. They launched their first brew in 2016 and the good feedback encouraged them to go forward that ultimately brought WildCraft brewery into existence.

They started using the Shopify platform for their online business. But, with offering quality products it became essential for them to ensure an improved order placing system from their Shopify store to save their customers valuable time. They faced some challenges in doing so but they overcame it and now their customers can place orders from their store with a quick ordering app on Shopify. This is saving their customers valuable time which is ultimately helping the business get more loyal customers.

WildCraft Brewery’s Challenge With ‘Gold Beer Pack – Mixed’ Variations Display On Shopify

WildCraft Brewery offers ‘Gold Beer Pack – Mixed’ that comes in 5 variations. Displaying all these 5 variations on a single product page is challenging with the default Shopify store. The 5 variations are –

  • Dark Beers Only
  • Light Beers Only 
  • Classic Range
  • Craft Range
  • Any and all


WildCraft Brewery wants to save their customers valuable time when the customers place orders from the Shopify store. With the default Shopify store, a customer is to go back and forth several times to place bulk orders which is really time-consuming. So, an improved Shopify ordering system is required here to get more satisfied customers.    

How They Display All Variations Of Beer Pack In a Single Product Page On Shopify

WildCraft Brewery found an easy solution to solve their problem. They installed a Shopify – wholesale ordering app with just a few clicks and their challenge with displaying multiple variations of ‘gold beer pack -mixed’ just disappeared. 

With this Shopify tool installed in the store, the 5 variations of ‘gold beer pack – mixed’ are now displayed on a single product page. Customers can now select multiple options and place the bulk order from a single page as shown in the below picture.

WildCraft Brewery using MultiVariants - Shopify quick ordering app

‘Mixed Ale Pack’ is another type of beer pack that comes with three pack size variations. With the bulk order app installed on the store, all these three variations are displayed on a single product page. The following image shows how the product page looks like along with all these size variations displayed –

WildCraft Brewery using MultiVariants - Shopify quick ordering app

How They Display The In-Stock & Out-of-Stock Badge On Shopify

WildCraft Brewery integrated its Shopify store with a Shopify quick order app easily that checks the inventory automatically and displays the in-stock and out-of-stock badges on the product page. This helps WildCraft Brewery avoid the unwanted situations of getting out-of-stock of a product and customers placing orders for that particular product.

The following image shows the in-stock and out-of-stock badges displayed on their Shopify store’s product page.

WildCraft Brewery using MultiVariants - Shopify quick ordering app

How an Improved Order Process Is Helping Them Get More Loyal Customers

WildCraft Brewery has ensured an improved ordering process from their Shopify store which is saving their customers valuable time. When a customer comes to place a bulk order, he/she does not need to go back and forth several times to select multiple product variations. The customer can select all the variations from a single product page and place the order with a single click. WildCraft Brewery is ensuring a smooth ordering system from their store besides offering quality wildcraft beer packs and this is surely helping them stand out from the competition. 

Below are the happy words WildCraft Brewery put on the Shopify app store regarding the Shopify quick order tool they installed on their store –

Really liking this app, it’s doing exactly what I needed and the support has been superb! I would definitely recommend

Wildcraft Brewery

Final Words

WildCraft Brewery offers beer with different pack size variations from their Shopify store. They optimized their product page with a Shopify tool to display all these variations in a single product page. This has ensured a quick ordering app on Shopify which is encouraging their customers to place more orders.

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