Say Goodbye To Your Smoking Habit With Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff And Pouches

Smokey mountain herbal pouches

Smokey Mountain – A Healthy Alternative To Tobacco

Smokey mountain herbal pouches

There is no doubt that you know about tobacco, but do you know about the alternative to tobacco? Sounds interesting? Yeah, this highly interesting thing has been raised by Smokey Mountain.

Smokey Mountain sells different types of herbal pouches, and its ambition is to be highly original and become an industry-leading company. Their future plans include expanding their offerings at their cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Coppell, TX, and obtaining the maximum food production qualifications.

To expand their offerings, they simply connect with their loyal customers to develop new products with flavors and collaborate with the freshest ingredients.

For instance, after investigating rival companies, Smokey Mountain added coffee, tea, and nicotine pouches to its product line. We feel obligated to set a good example.

Why Do People Search For An Alternative To Tobacco?

Compared to non-smokers, smokers have a lifetime risk of lung cancer up to 22 times higher. Moreover, 2/3 of lung cancer occurrences worldwide are caused by tobacco use, which is the main cause of several diseases, including lung cancer.

In such cases, the term “quick response products,” such as chewing gum, lozenges, pills, mouthwashes, and inhalers that contain nicotine, can decrease the craving for smoking. They can provide nicotine right when you need it, which is an alternative to your desire to smoke.

But where can you get these products? A store named Smokey Mountian sells these types of anti-tobacco products.

Journey of Smokey Mountain

A professional baseball scout and a worker for an herbal company were the primary approaches of the Journey of Smokey Mountain. In 1985, they introduced Smokey Mountain Chew because they realized there was no existing market for alternatives for smokeless tobacco and they had personal experience with the need for premium nicotine- and tobacco-free products.

When a group of investors joined the business in 1999, things drastically changed and as a result, the demand for tobacco substitutes and herbal snuff increased. They sell a variety of herbal pouches. 

What Products Does Smoky Mountain Sell? 

Smokey Mountain manages to sell a “clean” product, which means that it has no tobacco and no nicotine.

Using only food-grade ingredients that the FDA has approved, Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff is produced in a kitchen that has been registered with and inspected by the FDA.

Their manufacturing team is from manufacturing and science backgrounds. Moreover, they love to work with small businesses besides the larger ones, because their motto is to gain greater efficiency.

Smokey Mountain sells products in 3 sections.

  1. Long cut ( B2B and B2C)
  2. Pouches (B2B and B2C)
  3. Gear (T-shirt)

In Pouches they have one section named variety pack, where they sell products with minimum order restrictions, and two 

  • Trial packs (B2B Wholesale)
  • 5-Can rolls (B2B)

As Smokey Mountain sells both B2B wholesale and B2C with different variants of pouches, they used to face challenges in their wholesale business. Let’s see what challenges they face.

What Kind Of Challenges Does Smokey Mountain Face have in their B2B wholesale business?

Smokey Mountain wants to offer several variations of pouches in bulk with a minimum order quantity to their customers. Furthermore, in their B2B wholesale segment, they wish to present all herbal pouches variants on a single product page.

But they cannot do that on Shopify, so the store owner of Smokey Mountain is facing challenges in his business. Let’s have a look at what their main challenges are.


Smokey Mountain prefers to display all its variants with minimum quantity restrictions, but Shopify does not allow to display of more than one variant of a product on one product page at a time by default.

Additionally, Smokey Mountain cannot manage its inventory and pricing due to Shopify’s API limitations.

The last challenge is, that for variant items, Shopify doesn’t offer any built-in inventory management. Each variety has to be shown separately in Shopify. So, variants of the same product will come up individually, and the store owner can not display all variants together. 

Here Smokey Mountain sells different variants of pouches, and they feel burdened to create variants for each pouch separately.

In such a situation, they were looking for a sustainable solution and got the MultiVariants – Bulk order application as their helping hand. Let’s find out how MultiVariants helps them.  

Minimum Order Quantity of MultiVariants Help Smokey Mountain: How?

The goal of minimum order quantities allows suppliers to boost their revenues by allowing them to sell additional products rapidly. And, Smokey Mountian knows that very well, so they tend to apply minimum order quantity in their B2B shop. But unfortunately, they failed because of the default functionality of Shopify.

Moreover, they were not happy enough to put MOQ only. They were searching for a solution that would allow them to display all variants of pouches together. Finally, they found the MultiVariants-Bulk Order application. MultiVariants help them fulfill all their desires, whichever they want to apply to their shop.

  • Showing all variants of a product on one page
  • Minimum order quantity requirements
  • The price unit is being displayed.
  • Quantity box
  • Display available inventory per variants here is a glace of their product with MultiVariants.

Smokey Mountain with MultiVariants

Here you can see, that a customer can find out all variants of pouches together under the 5-Can roll segment and has to buy at least 10 pouches to go to the order page.

Add to cart page of Smokey Mountian with MultiVariants

Smokey  Mountain is Happy with MutiVariants- Have a look

As MultiVariants solves the B2B business challenges of Some Mountain. So they and their customer both become happy. Here is a glace how customers feel about the quick and easy ordering.

 Customer review of Smokey Mountain’s customer

Here a consumer of herbal pouches praised the ordering process of Smokey Mountain, which is actually managed by MultiVariants 

And here is the happy reflection of Smokey Mountains about MutiVariants:

We looked extensively for an app to do what we needed. After looking at several different apps, we came across MultiVariants and it did exactly what we wanted. Setup was quick and easy, integration was smooth and the tech support was phenomenal. They even fixed something in our theme that had nothing to do with their app. If you are looking for an app to select multiple variants (among other things) then I would suggest you give MulitVariants serious consideration.

So, look at how smoothly MultiVariants solved Smokey Mountain’s business challenges. If you are also facing the same, go and get the Multivariants- Bulk order application here.

Bottom Line

Smokey Mountain just become successful in its anti-tobacco journey, and they are just making their product known to those people who are addicted to smoking, though their rivals are very limited.

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