Hardwood Incorporated – A Superior Wholesale Lumber Supplier At Reasonable Price

Wholesale lumber supplier

Wholesale lumber supplier

Finding a Steady Lumber Supplier For Broader Projects Is Challenging

If you decide to start a retail or eCommerce business, the first challenge is finding a reliable wholesale supplier. In fact, sourcing quality products from a wholesaler with a reasonable price and excellent service leads to success and longevity.

Finding a trustworthy wholesale lumber supplier who is able to ensure a steady supply of lumbers for a broad range of construction projects is challenging. Additionally, ensuring reasonable pricing along with quality becomes more challenging here. There are plenty of options out there, but, how do you find the right supplier for you?

Well, Hardwoods Of Tennessee can be a good option for you. Besides, offering quality lumber, they offer reasonable prices. Any broad-range construction project can rely on them for a steady supply of quality lumbers.

Hardwood Incorporated – One Of The Largest Lumber & Sheet Good Distributors

Hardwoods of Tennessee is one of the largest wholesale lumber suppliers in the USA. They offer a variety of lumbers from their Shopify store. They have been successfully operating 3 manufacturing and distributor centers across the country. In Clarksville TN, they have a retail sales location and also they have an import-export division. They offer superior lumber at reasonable prices. 

How Hardwood Overcame The Challenge Of Displaying Lumber Variations On the Shopify Product Page

The Hardwood of Tennessee offers 7 variations of Alder through its Shopify store. Those are –

  • Knotty alder, 4/4, Surfaced 2 sides, 15/16ths
  • Knotty alder, 4/4, Surfaced 2 sides, 13/16ths, ripped 1 edge
  • Knotty alder, 4/4, Surfaced 2 sides, 15/16ths, ripped 1 edge
  • Alder, 4/4, Surfaced 2 sides, 15/16ths
  • Alder, 4/4, Surfaced 2 sides, 15/16ths, 7 inches wide
  • Alder, 4/4, Surfaced 2 sides, 15/16ths, ripped 1 edge

Hardwood wants to display all these Alder variations in a dropdown on their Shopify product page. And the cut lengths (In feet) are to be displayed in another dropdown menu as well. But with the default Shopify functionality, the Hardwood store’s product page can not be organized according to their requirements. 

How Did They overcome this challenge?

Hardwood Tennessee seamlessly integrated its Shopify store with MultiVariants – Bulk Order app. This app displays all the Alder lumber variations in a dropdown. Also, the cut lengths (In feet like 1,2,4) are displayed in the dropdown as well. Customer can now easily choose their desired option and place the order in one click.

All lumber variations in a single product page

The following image shows how all the Alder lumber variations are displayed in the dropdown on the Shopify product page.

All lumber variations in a single product page

How Hardwood’s Store Added Custom Quantity Selector Dropdown In Shopify

Adding some preset quantities on the Shopify product page is another Hardwood store requirement. The Shopify store wants to offer customers to choose from some preset quantities in board feet after they have chosen their desired lumber variations and the cut lengths from the dropdowns.

With MultiVariants – a Shopify wholesale app, Hardwood Shopify store has preset some quantities displayed in a dropdown. The preset quantities in board feet are – 

  • 5 Board Feet 
  • 10 Board Feet
  • 25 Board Feet

The addition of a custom quantity selector dropdown on Hardwood’s Shopify product page saves their customers valuable time when they come to place their orders.

Shopify Quantity Selector Dropdown

How Hardwood Is Applying Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Restrictions In Shopify

Applying minimum order quantity restrictions on Shopify has become an essential feature for many businesses. But with the default Shopify functionality, store owners can not apply this necessary restriction.

Hardwood Shopify store wants to apply a minimum order quantity (MOQ) restriction of 5 for any lumber variations customers choose. The add-to-cart button will remain inactive until this MOQ restriction of 5 is met.

Shopify Order Limit App

Using MultiVariants – Shopify Limit Order Quantity app, Hardwood store is applying MOQ restrictions of 5. And it is easy to set this business rule from the MultiVariants admin panel. Just a few clicks are required and no coding knowledge is required. The add-to-cart button will be active once this MOQ 5 is met and customers can place orders then.

Shopify Order Limit App

How Hardwood Autochecks Its Inventory And Displays The In-Stock Badge On Product Page

Automatically checking the inventory and displaying the in-stock badge on the product page is crucial for customers to let them know how many products are left. But, with a default Shopify store, the product page can not display this in-stock badge.

Hardwood Shopify store can now display the in-stock badge on the product page with the help of MultiVariants. MultiVariants automatically checks the inventory and displays the in-stock and out-of-stock badges on the Shopify product page.

In-stock and out-of-stock badges in Shopify

Hardwoods of Tennessee is happy using MultiVariants on their Shopify store because they can apply different business rules which accelerates their business growth. Here are a few happy words from the Hardwoods of Tenessee –

Used this app to implement a minimum order quantity to offer free shipping to my customers instead of them getting sticker shock on checkout (shipping 4 ft 40-80 pound packages of lumber). Had an issue with prices not updating when I uploaded a new CSV file for bulk product updates, the team identified the problem and implemented a solution (clearing cached data button in general settings tab) within 24 hours. Top notch support on a well thought out and implemented app. If only all apps worked this well!

Final Words

Hardwoods of Tennessee, a steady wholesale lumber supplier, is successfully applying minimum order quantity (MOQ) restrictions from its Shopify store. Their product page is also displaying all the lumber variations, and cut lengths (in feet) for lumber variations in two different dropdowns respectively. Also, Hardwood’s Shopify store has successfully added a custom quantity selector dropdown. 

All these features Hardwood has applied on the Shopify product page easily with MultiVariants – Shopify Order Limit app. And the app does not limit them here. Shopify merchants can apply many other complex business-oriented features easily and without any coding knowledge with the help of this quick bulk order app.

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