Frontier Wholesale Outlet – An Inspirational Stone Supplier

4 types of stones that sell by Frontier

Frontier Wholesale Outlet – Makes Stones Inspirational

It is very simple for us to ignore objects like simple rocks scattered around us, whereas Frontier Wholesale Outlet has made it a great deal for their business.

You can properly organize your thoughts and intentions by using inspirational stones with specific words. You may know what you are thinking, but manifesting your thoughts is something difficult.

It is not easy to remove bad thoughts and manifest everything in your life. But positive words have some impact, and you cannot deny that. When you carry an inspirational stone with your focus word, the demonstration will become easier.

Journey of Frontier Wholesale Outlet- Where & When

Frontier Wholesale Outlet is a wholesaler of genuine inspirational stones throughout North America and Europe. Although they have a total warehouse area of 250,000 square feet throughout the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada. They are available to help their retail customers buy inspirational stones in bulk. They have served their customers successfully for the last 38 years and currently doing so.

For them, it’s all about delivering high-quality stones at reasonable costs to their clients in the quickest time.

Types of Stones Frontier Sells

Frontier sales mainly four types of inspirational stones currently –

  1. Inspirational Stones – Assorted
  2. Inspirational Stone KeyChains – Assorted
  3. You Rock!™ Recognition Gift Stones
  4. Cross Worry Stones

4 types of stones that sell by Frontier

Purpose & Benefits of Inspirational Stones

Stones have been used for therapeutic and spiritual purposes for a very long time. Healing with rocks is a time-honored method that harnesses the natural healing power of the planet’s crystals to help you find your life’s purpose.

In many cultures around the world, crystals and stones have long been revered for their ability to harmonize and balance the mind, body, and spirit. People are finding the simplicity and power of stones, as well as the positive effects they have on their health and energy vibrations.

Where Frontier Supplies their Stones

Frontier Wholesale Outlet sells variants of inspirational stones to different industries. Here is a list of a few channels and industries where they supply their products:

  • Drop shippers
  • eBay and Amazon sellers
  • Family fun centers
  • Farm supply stores
  • Trading houses
  • Variety stores
  • Vending
  • Wholesalers

Including them, they supply stones in different retail stores in bulk.

While selling stones they face problems whenever they desire to set a minimum quantity restriction on any particular stones. So they were looking for a solution.

Frontier Wholesale Outlet: Why They Needed To Use Quantity Restrictions in Their Business?

Frontier is a wholesaler of inspirational stones and according to their business strategy, they wanted to restrict the minimum order quantity in a way that customers have to buy at least a minimum amount of stones. But In Shopify, a store owner can not apply the minimum order quantity restriction on any of their products with default functionality. This was a huge challenge for Frontier B2B wholesale business.

In such a case, they were looking for a solution that can help them to overcome their business challenges and allow them to sell their preferred minimum quantity of stones to the retailers.

To solve their business challenges they decided to integrate a Shopify application named MultiVariants – Bulk Order as their solution for selling products in a minimum order quantity. The feature of MultiVariants allows the company to successfully set minimum order quantity restrictions on their products, which is known as interval quantity.

How MultiVarinats’ Incremental Quantity Featured Worked For Frontier Wholesale Outlet

After the integration of MultiVariants, Frontier is applying the “Quantity Restrictions” feature in their product. Now, their customer can choose one or more products with different variants but with a restricted quantity from their shop, but they cannot order below the minimum quantity of stone that Frontier restricted.

In this sense, Frontier just doing the best usage of the MultiVariants interval quantity feature.

For instance, in the picture of “Cross Worry Stones” that has been attached below you can see Frontier Wholesale Outlet is using interval increase, where only after taking 50 quantities of product the number will change into a multiplied way such as 100, 150, 200 and so on.

As a result, their customer needs to buy at least 50 stones or multiplied by 50, he cannot choose 49 or 51 products in any situation. But in the default Shopify store, a store owner can not set a minimum order quantity and that is a big challenge.

Besides that, a store with MultiVariants, allows customers to see the list of all product variants with a quantity box, whereas Shopify does not give this option.

Because of that, a customer can find out how many variants of products are available in the store. Overall, MultiVariants enhance customers’ bulk ordering experience in B2B wholesale business with a merchant in every possible way.

Wholesale Cross worry stone

In this picture, we can see when a customer can choose at least 50 stones then he will be able to click “add to cart”.

Cart page restrictions for interval quantity

And this is the cart page of that product and you can not even change the restricted product amount from here.

So, in this way, MultiVariants just make sure that the motto application usage is fulfilling or not. And fortunately, Fortnite is happy with the application. Here is a glance at their satisfaction level with MultiVariants –

Their customer service is very strong, the reply is very fast and professional, and the problem I encountered has been solved satisfactorily. They really did a very very good job.

– Review from Shopify app store.

Facing similar challenges for your B2B wholesale business? Get the MultiVariants – Bulk Order app for your Shopify store.


To conclude, we can say Frontier Wholesale Outlet is successfully running its business without losing its motto. Because they are focused, dedicated, and well organized about their business.

And, if they just go in such a way they will become more successful.

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