Bargain Boxes: Wholesale B2B Jewelry Boxes For US Jewelry Shops

Bargain Boxes Wholesale B2B Jewelry Boxes For US Jewelry Shops

For businesses, having a reliable supplier of products is the key to success. Without the products, your business has no inventory to sell to customers. That is why wholesalers are so crucial to companies all around the world.

For a business like a jewelry shop, you think they only need necklaces, watches, rings, etc. But what about the boxes they come in? That is where Bargain Boxes’ wholesale B2B jewelry boxes are to help. 

Bargain Boxes ran a Shopify store but initially struggled with Shopify limitations and could not sell their jewelry boxes however they wanted. So, let’s see how Bargain Boxes overcame those limitations and successfully sold their products on Shopify.

Bargain Boxes Wholesale B2B Jewelry Boxes In The US

So what exactly is Bargain Boxes the business? They are jewelry box seller from Lake City, Florida. Bargain Boxes wholesale B2B jewelry boxes are sold all over the US. They sell high-quality boxes for retail jewelry stores, pawn shops, and other jewelry shops.

Bargain Boxes also has a wide variety of products. Since every piece of jewelry needs a different type of box, theirs come in different styles to accommodate the jewelry perfectly. Not only that, but they also have different colors and designs, which adds variety to their product listing. Above all else, Bargain Boxes value customer satisfaction by being able to deliver their jewelry boxes to their customers.

Bargain Boxes Wholesale B2B Jewelry Boxes Shopify Store Product Catalog

Here is a list of jewelry types that Bargain Boxes sells jewelry boxes on their Shopify store: 

  • Sets of Boxes
  • Ring
  • Earring
  • Pendant
  • Bracelet

Problem Bargain Boxes Initially Faced On Shopify

It has not been long since Bargain Boxes entered the eCommerce marketplace with the eCommerce platform Shopify. They launched their website around the end of November to early December of 2023. However, like other online stores using Shopify to power their stores, Bargain Boxes also needed help with how they wanted to sell their jewelry boxes.

Bundle Quantity With Inventory Tracking By Individual Items

Bargain wants to sell a single jewelry box in bundle quantities of 12 but have the inventory be tracked individually on the Shopify admin panel. So when a customer chooses a dozen boxes of their Navy Blue LED Ring Boxes to buy, it would count as 12 boxes being sold instead of one.

However, Shopify is set up to count only one box sold instead of the dozen boxes the customer bought. So, instead of their inventory decreasing by 12, they would only go down by 1. This would create a logistic problem for Bargain Boxes because their inventory levels would not match those on Shopify’s admin panel.

MultiVariants – Bulk Order App: A Solution To Bargain Boxes’s Problem

As this was a unique problem, Bargain Boxes’s store owner had to find a solution. With a Shopify store, they had access to the Shopify app store. Here, the store owner can find a third-party app for just that.

Many apps on the Shopify store could have the solution. But just like their initial problem, finding the proper application was just as challenging. But soon, Bargain Boxes found the solution to their problem in the MultiVariants – Bulk Order App on the Shopify app store. Let’s see exactly how the app helped Bargain Boxes solve the issue at hand with the example of their feature product, the Navy Blue LED Ring Boxes:

Bargain Boxes Shopify Store With MultiVariants - Bulk Order App Bundle Quantity Feature

Here, the store is using MultiVariants’s bundle quantity feature. When the customer wants to select how many dozens they want, they must click on the quantity box. Once clicked, the customers will be introduced to a drop-down menu with all the quantity options the store wants to sell. 

There is an in-stock badge right below where the customer selects their quantity of jewelry boxes. When the customer completes their purchase, the stock will change according to how many are sold. So when 1 dozen boxes are sold, the in-stock badge will show 12 fewer items in stock.

This was the feature the Bargain Boxes was looking for. Instead of dropping the inventory level by one for the 1 dozen boxes, the inventory will be tracked accordingly, showing a change of 12 fewer boxes. This was impossible on Shopify without extensive coding on the theme of the product page. But with the MultiVariants – Bulk Order app, the store can now sell their jewelry boxes how they want. 

A Satisfied Customer: Bargain Boxes Are Happy With MultiVariants

With their problems solved, Bargain Boxes can now sell their jewelry boxes while tracking their inventory levels properly on Shopify.

Here is a look at how Bargain Boxes’s experience with MultiVariants: 

“I don’t usually gush over software, but this was the app I needed and the customer service was phenomenal! For days I’ve looked for an app that did what I needed: to create quantity multiples of an item (by the dozen), but track my inventory by individual items. I tried another app – it didn’t work – and was almost about to give up when I installed MV (MultiVariants).

I went through two videos to figure out exactly what I needed to do, and it worked as advertised, but some aesthetics needed a couple of tweaks. I couldn’t figure out how to do them, so I got onto their Chat, uploaded a couple of screenshots/snips of what I wanted removed or changed, and within minutes it was done!

I felt a little odd having to go on two times – I am a techy and usually can figure these things out on my own – but both the agents I chatted with (Zaina was the 2nd) were awesome. (The first was a simple error on my part: all of my Tags are capitalized, but I had put them in as lowercase in MV – my bad). Even though I need to pay for their higher plan for everything I wanted, it costs less than the higher-level website theme.

Very satisfied with this app! Thanks!”

One app has helped solve Bargain Boxes’s problems on Shopify, and now they can sell their jewelry boxes to their B2B customers.

Bottom Line

Bargain Boxes’ wholesale B2B jewelry boxes are getting started on their journey on Shopify. They are committed to selling high-quality jewelry boxes with the highest customer satisfaction. With their products, jewelers and other customers can get the correct jewelry boxes for the suitable jewelry types.

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