6 Reasons why Online Reviews for Shopify Businesses are Important

The Importance of Online Reviews for Shopify Businesses

Online Customer reviews are a reflection of a business’s condition. Nowadays, almost all eCommerce businessmen focus on collecting reviews and showcasing them on their websites to gather more business customers. 

In contrast, many Shopify business people are not concerned about gathering reviews. The reason could be they are new and need to be made aware of their business growth in the industry of eCommerce.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of online reviews for Shopify businesses, business owners who are not concerned about gathering reviews and businesses who need to learn about the importance of reviews for an eCommerce store. So, here, first of all, we will see why reviews are essential for a Shopify store owner.

Why are Online Reviews for Shopify Businesses Important?

Collecting reviews from satisfied customers is important to do business online on a platform like Shopify. Here are some reasons-

  1. Reviews Create a Particular Brand Value
  2. Reviews Make a Business Reliable
  3. Reviews Increase Customer Engagement
  4. Reviews Allow Polishing a Business in a Better Way
  5. Reviews Increase the Chance of Referrals
  6. Reviews Boost the SEO Perspective of a Store

Reason 1: Reviews Create a Particular Brand Value

A company’s brand is an intangible asset, and its value in the market may be measured according to the condition of its competitors. To know about a brand, try to discover how it exists online.

When purchasing online, most consumers check reviews from online resources like Google and Bing or social networking sites like Facebook.

Gathering customer reviews is an excellent method to fuel the content machine and maintain your business in the good graces of search engine algorithms.

Inc.com found that 91% of consumers read online reviews, and 84% trust them as much as personal recommendations.

Many customers do not think twice before buying a product from a store with many reviews because they consider such a shop a brand.

If you are planning to start a business on Shopify, then focusing on brand building is essential. Because people do not make attachments to the product, they are concerned about a store’s brand value.

Therefore, branding your Shopify store assists customers in connecting your products with your company’s identity. Customers will feel a stronger connection to your product and store if you successfully build a brand in front of them.

Reason 2: Reviews Make a Business Reliable

Customers’ impressions of your company’s products, services, and business procedures might change based on feedback. The more favorable reviews your business has, the more credibility it will show to potential clients in eCommerce.

Possible buyers have more faith in companies and are likelier to purchase if they read positive customer evaluations.

A combination of four- and five-star reviews can benefit your online reputation because it looks reliable to customers. People may start to doubt the reliability of your reviews if they only see 5 stars repeatedly.

Hootsuite reports that 88% of customers are more likely to work with a firm that has a good online reputation.

Customers are more likely to be pleased with a purchase when they have read unbiased reviews of the product or service online. But a platform like Shopify maintains transparency between businesses, clients, and prospects.

Reason 3: Review Increases Customer Engagement

According to power reviews, 58% of consumers were more likely to recommend a business after reading positive reviews.

When a store gets positive reviews from its existing customers, it increases the possibility of customers returning. A customer only provides a review when he is delighted so that a satisfied customer can turn into a repeat customer, and there is no doubt.

But sometimes, a customer can forget about their given review; in such a case, a business can send them a reminder email as a CTA so that the particular customer can return to the business.

Moreover, sharing customer opinions and reviews regarding your product on social media and your website also increases positive engagement.

Additionally, you can increase consumer involvement and enhance the entire customer experience by collecting this data and using it wisely.

You can improve your business by taking real-time advice from customers’ feedback because customers’ expectations go up when they experience good service from competitors.

When you modify your service according to your customers’ recommendations, they will feel more involved, and you will know that you are meeting their needs with your product or service. Taking into account client feedback is a gift that can help you keep consumers.

Reason 4: Reviews Allow Polishing a Business in a Better Way

It is optional that a customer only says good things about your business. They have the full right to give you advice regarding your business. Encourage your customers to provide valuable feedback.

It will ultimately help you polish your business in a better way. If some of your customers provide you with negative feedback, do not mind. Ask your customers what modifications they want. After all, customers are the main foundation of your business.

According to Madisonmain, 80% of consumers believe that reading a review impacted their minds about a company.

When a customer suggests something, try to focus on it for the betterment of your business.

Reason 5: Reviews Increase the Chance of Referrals

A satisfied customer will always refer a product or service to his friends. Because it is a common criterion that satisfied customers love to share their experiences with their loved ones, three more new customers will come to your business if you have satisfied five.

According to Yelp, customers are likelier to recommend stores that consistently obtain excellent reviews. Referral traffic is three times higher for companies with four and five-star reviews than those with two and three-star reviews.

A referral program can be vital when you provide discounts to any of your existing customers.

Referrals from satisfied customers should be considered. McKinsey & Company claims it can affect up to 50% of consumer spending. According to some surveys, up to 97% of buyers rely on recommendations from other customers when purchasing.

Regarding new business generation, only some tactics beat out referrals and reviews. And yet, only roughly a third of businesses use them.

Online recommendations may replace traditional word of mouth. Therefore, organizations that take the time to monitor, manage, and use them can reap several benefits.

Companies with a focus on customer satisfaction usually enjoy more expansion. Your word-of-mouth marketing will benefit from satisfied customers. However, as previously said, the first step in earning loyalty is appropriately managing the client experience.

Reason 6: Reviews Boost the SEO Perspective of a Store

Showcasing your customer reviews on the website will help your store become visible in the search engines.

Additionally, sometimes some of the customer reviews contain direct keywords regarding your business, and that pushes the SEO perspective.

Reviews are a tremendous marketing engine in their own right. They are a means to develop confidence in your business. Increased site traffic, sales, and profits are all quantifiable results of building consumer confidence in your business.

Moz.com found that off-site SEO elements, such as positive user reviews, accounted for more than 50% of a site’s overall ranking power.

If you are a store owner at Shopify and do not care about customer reviews, then it is high time to think about it. Because to make a visible identity from an SEO perspective.

Ways to Ask for Reviews from Customers at Shopify

Ways to Ask for Reviews from Customers at Shopify

Now we have described the importance, it is time to find out how to ask for reviews. Here are some ways of asking for reviews- 

  1. Ask Directly
  2. Keep The Asking Process Simple
  3. Provide An Incentive to Get a Review
  4. Do Not Worry Much About Negative Reviews
  5. Display The Existing Reviews on Social Media

Way 1: Ask Directly

When you are a Shopify store owner, do not hesitate to ask for reviews directly from your satisfied customers. Ask for a review immediately because if you take less time, your client will leave without a review.

When you finish your service, wait for the right moment to ask for a review. Focus on the right wording; do more than just nag them to get the review.

Way 2: Keep The Asking Process Simple

Before asking for a review, make the process simple. Determine when you want to request feedback. Plan out how you want to approach asking for feedback. When you ask a consumer for feedback, keep a customized message ready to which you may add their specifics.

You can save time by simplifying the processes involved in requesting reviews. If you personalize your review request, you will get more positive feedback.

Adding a personal touch is an excellent way to strengthen relationships and increase positive feedback. Read this to know about, how to encourage customers to give positive feedback.

Another method to tailor your request is to make a separate review funnel for each of your offerings.

Way 3: Provide An Incentive to Get a Review

If you offer an incentive, make it explicit in your email subject line. Otherwise, you risk having fewer responses than you could have.

Most clients of your Shopify store would be glad to provide feedback on your product if asked. Offering an incentive or discount can make the review period more enjoyable. Offering a discount, promo code, or freebie in exchange for a rating or review encourages customers who need more motivation to leave feedback.

Distributing coupons and discounts on future purchases in exchange for reviews is a great way to increase sales. Customers can feel like they are part of a community and are more inclined to provide genuine reviews if rewarded for their loyalty.

Way 4: Do Not Worry Much About Negative Reviews

Positive and negative reviews are part of a business’s progress. If you are concerned about your business’s growth, avoid becoming bothered by negative reviews. Both reviews are positive and negative authentic reflections of your product or service.

For example, you are a businessman who does B2B wholesale business at Shopify. Now in your shop, your clients demand quick orders, which is impossible in Shopify by default. Now, one of your customers may give a negative review of your product without knowing the fact.

Now, what should you do? Just take the negative review positively and find a way to improve your B2B wholesale business. You can use any suitable third-party app for Shopify in your business to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews about your business, product, or service.

Way 5: Display The Existing Reviews on Social Media

Displaying existing reviews on social media influenced prospects to take action and turn a regular customer into a regular one. 

Boardly reports that 70% of companies have seen an increase in sales after publishing ratings on social media.

If you are a business person who just started his business at Shopify, try to gather some positive reviews and showcase them on various social media platforms and websites. Many eCommerce businesses need to pay attention to showcasing reviews because a good illustration of the business is essential to make a brand famous.

Bottom Line

In the eCommerce industry, gaining popularity is an easy thing. But gathering online reviews for Shopify businesses can be profitable if someone utilizes it perfectly.

In this article, we have summarized several useful ways and the importance of gathering reviews. These things will highlight the importance if online reviews for Shopify businesses.

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