7 Simple Ways to Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews on Your Shopify Store

According to Wompy, more than nine active reviews correlate to a 52% increase in revenue. If a company has over 25 active reviews, that number jumps to 108%.

And this is applicable to a Shopify business as well. Customers are more interested in buying from a Shopify store with a bunch of positive reviews. Usually, customers evaluate reviews as a reflection of product or service quality. Their impression of your product depends on the reviews you have received.

In reality, reviews are not only beneficial for your prospects but also useful for businesses. An informative review regarding your product or service guides you to make the necessary changes if needed. As a result, after getting a review, you’ll know exactly where adjustments should be made.

In such a case, getting reviews has no alternative. This article will discuss the ways to encourage customers to leave reviews on your Shopify store and then lead you through seven useful approaches.

Why are Customer Reviews Useful for Shopify?

Gathering customer feedback is essential to help improve your Shopify business and the overall customer experience. It allows you to gain insights into how customers interact with your brand and in what areas they are satisfied or frustrated.

According to Bright Local, the vast majority of consumers (97%) rely on online reviews when looking for local businesses (12% do so every day).

To obtain a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ experiences, it is recommended to collect feedback on various aspects of your business, including products or services, customer service, checkout process, payment options, product display and storefront interface, delivery process, and overall experience.

By analyzing this feedback, you can identify areas needing improvement and customize your business to meet your customers’ needs better. For instance, you are running a B2B wholesale business at Shopify.

In this type of business, gathering customer reviews is important because buyers usually buy products in bulk in a B2B wholesale business. Prospects easily become diverted when they see positive reviews regarding a wholesale business.

Now the question is how to get more reviews for a B2B wholesale business on Shopify. As we already said, business customization can be possible in different ways, such as using a third-party bulk order app for Shopify, making the product page more user-friendly, using a different proper CTA, etc. Still, you can read this article to learn about unique strategies to increase wholesale sales.

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback is important to the success of your Shopify store and can lead to further growth and customer satisfaction. So, as a store owner, you can try different ways to gather reviews to see which approach suits your business.

Top Suggestions for Asking for Reviews from Customers

There is no specific way of asking for reviews from your customers until you find the perfect one that works best for your business.

For example, you can ask for reviews manually, send them a follow-up email, or share customer feedback on social media to encourage them to give reviews again. Alternatively, some companies send survey questions while seeking feedback for their Shopify store. You can try that too.

But remember that customers will only finish your questionnaires if they find the questions interesting and valuable. If you’re using Shopify to gather reviews, here are five key things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the Process Simple
  2. Never Start With a direct Question
  3. Think Like Your Audience
  4. The Customer Service Team should be Active
  5. Keep Monitoring Who Did Not Give the Review

Suggestion 1- Keep the Process Simple

It does not matter which approach you are applying to your store. Keep every approach short and precise. Customers don’t have plenty of time to answer all of your inquiries.

Reduce your list of potential inquiries just to keep the most crucial ones. You could even just ask someone one question. Try to keep the review-asking session length manageable to reduce dropout rates. 

Remember to ask additional questions if the client answers your previous question. If the client is not responding, do not ask repeated questions.

With a wise step, you can easily get reviews on your Shopify store and make a customer loyal.

Suggestion 2- Never Start With a direct Question

Do not sound like a selfish person when you are asking for a review. Create the scenario so that you are more concerned about customer satisfaction than getting a review. Avoid asking the questions below:

  • What do you think of the product?
  • How much did you enjoy using our service?
  • How was your experience working with us?
  • Do you want to buy a more expensive package than your current one?

Asking these types of questions makes your customer feel awkward and reduces your chances of getting a review. Initially, try to warm up the conversation with greetings and follow-up questions regarding their service satisfaction.

Suggestion 3- Think Like Your Audience

When clients have used your products or services for a while, ask them for feedback. Asking for reviews before customers use your product or service is annoying. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think according to their psychology.

If you annoy customers frequently, they will think your business is really not concerned about customer satisfaction. Remember that they will provide reviews independently if you can satisfy your customer.

Suggestion 4- The customer Service Team should be Active

In every company nowadays, improvements in customer service have become increasingly noticeable. This is because, recently, customers have become more dependent on customer service to share problems.

In such a situation, if your customer service team successfully solves a customer’s problem, it will be easier to get positive reviews. To get customer reviews automatically, train your customer service to handle any kind of customer query without any hassle.

Suggestion 5- Keep Monitoring Who Did Not Give the Review 

Until now, we have just discussed how to gain positive reviews, but we cannot ignore the number of satisfied customers who did not give any reviews. 

To reach out to them, we need to figure out the leading cause behind them and approach them in a way that encourages them to provide reviews regarding your product or service.

For instance, you can send them a thank-you note for using your service, or you can send them a discount coupon on the eve of different holidays to attract your last-minute shoppers. Know how to say thank you to your loyal customers.

While doing this, you can mention giving reviews at the end of the email. So that it looks natural and your customer thinks you really care about them. Or you can just wait to see when they redeem your offers. After that, you can remind them about the review.

7 Ways to Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews on Your Shopify Store

Ways to Collect Shopify Client Review Effortlessly at Shopify

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, communicate with them. In other words, make it easier for them to participate in the assessment by providing reviews.

  1. Live Chats Could Benefit From A Post-Session Survey
  2. Make a Purchase Review Form
  3. Use a Mobile SMS Chat-Based Survey
  4. Utilize Email Requests to Get Reviews
  5. Promote a Social Media-Based Response Mechanism
  6. Track Customer Opinions Online
  7. Selecting a Feedback Collection Strategy for Shopify

Way 1- Live Chats Could Benefit From A Post-Session Survey

Many potential customers and customers prefer to ask questions via live chat before making a purchase or requesting a refund. 

Asking a brief survey question at the end of these live conversations can give you an idea of how satisfied your customer is. Keep the questions brief to increase the probability that respondents will finish the survey entirely.

Way 2- Make a Purchase Review Form

After your customers have placed orders through Shopify, you may be able to gather more information about their experiences on the platform. 

Conducting a post-purchase survey and displaying the results on the confirmation screen or sending them via email can help you learn more about your customer’s experiences with a specific part of their journey.

Way 3- Use a Mobile SMS Chat-Based Survey

The use of two-way texting in surveys could make the experience more interesting and useful for participants. 

Users of an SMS service can be polled with a chat-based survey sent straight to their phones. It can be sent anytime during the client’s lifetime because of its adaptability. It can be sent after a message confirming delivery or after an SMS conversation with assistance has ended. 

SMS has a high response rate from clients. Then you can respond with thanks or a question via text message. The 98% read rate and the potential 45% response rate make SMS a perfect choice for surveying Shopify customers.

Way 4- Utilize Email Requests to Get Reviews

Feedback requests sent via email are also popular.

According to consumers, review requests are most frequently made by email (41%), printed on an invoice or receipt (35%), made in-person during the sale (35%), and via SMS text (27%).

So as a Shopify businessperson, consider sending a net promoter score (NPS) survey using email. This employs free-form questions to classify customers as promoters, passives, or company detractors.

Then you can serve your boosters, impress your passive customers, and find solutions for your critics. Have your regulars or recent order-setters fill out this survey for you.

Way 5- Promote a Social Media-Based Response Mechanism

Customers can be encouraged to provide evaluations by reading other customers’ reviews. Regularly publish the positive reviews that your Shopify customers have given.

According to Bright Local, only 2% of customers do not review, which means the other 98% of consumers read comments when needed.

To make customers’ reviews more relevant, make sure to add photos and a relevant story to the review before sharing. Make the process simple for them to provide feedback by giving them an email address or an online form. 

To get easy interaction with your customers, share your material on other big channels besides Instagram, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Way 6- Track Customer Opinions Online

According to Review Trackers, in terms of online reviews, Google and Facebook are currently No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

It is unnecessary to ask customers for feedback to deduce their thoughts directly. Instead, find a way to help you monitor customer reactions and know what they say about your Shopify business. 

And for this purpose, using social media is a good idea. Online platforms are really free and flexible for gathering opinions because they will not let your customers know you are tracking them.

When you find one of your satisfied customers regarding your product or service online, approach them via email and ask how their business is going. And then technically ask for the review.

This technique will be really helpful for getting reviews from new customers.

Way 7- Selecting a Feedback Collection Strategy for Shopify

Learn how your consumers feel about your Shopify store so you can make changes that will keep them coming back.

Customers on Shopify can easily submit feedback if you successfully make them satisfied. You can easily gather it through the use of online channels such as live chat, web forms, SMS, email, social media, and the internet in general.

Before approaching, be sure which technologies you want to choose and which aspect of the customer journey you focus on to collect feedback.

Bottom Line

Collecting reviews on your Shopify store could be easy if you follow these suggestions and methods. If you are just running an eCommerce store on a platform like Shopify, you cannot ignore the importance of collecting customer feedback because 73% of consumers are more likely to patronize a local business that has excellent ratings. So, keep it in mind while doing business at Shopify.

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