10 Ways to Measure the Success of B2B Business During Christmas

Measuring the Success of B2B Business During Christmas

Marketing and advertising are two crucial tools to reach targeted consumers directly. Especially in a B2B business, to become successful during holidays, businessperson takes the extra step to beat their competition. 

Email advertising, online discounts, and other retail promotion forms successfully measure business success. Still, a holiday season requires more strategy to strengthen the B2B ties. 

In the year’s final quarter, businesses are eager to use their remaining budget funds to start the new year. Furthermore, they are calculating unspent funds and trying to find a department to hand them to. They are also dealing with the numbers and feedback from the previous 12 months to find fresh solutions for their current business difficulties.

In such a moment, managing a considerable profit from Christmas sales can give them a positive push in their business. Here, we will discuss ways of measuring the success of B2B business during Christmas.

Why Measuring the Success of a B2B Business is Important?

The effectiveness of a B2B marketing strategy relies significantly on KPIs. However, Metric tracking goes beyond that. Metrics are crucial for marketing decision-making. 

With B2B marketing KPIs, it’s easier to figure out a marketing budget. And in the holiday season, it becomes more hectic. Successful B2B marketing campaigns can be expanded by reallocating resources back to those channels that have shown to be the most profitable.

The company will only make money if marketing is doing its job. However, the marketing team’s contributions to the company’s success are often overlooked. Common key performance indicators (KPIs) in business-to-business contexts include return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Ways to Measure the Success of B2B Business During Christmas 

  1. Make a Campaign with a Holiday Theme
  2. Send Gifts to your Loyal Customers
  3. Offer Limited-time Sales
  4. Make Customized Goods Available
  5. Offer a Free Trial
  6. Put Ads on Social Media
  7. Roll Out a Referral or Loyalty Program
  8. Create a Landing Page for Christmas
  9. Increase your Sales from Current Clients
  10. Utilize a Variety of Promotional Methods

Way 1- >Make a Campaign with a Holiday Theme

There is plenty of opportunity to organize a social media campaign between Thanksgiving and the New Year’s holiday. And Christmas is included in it. 

Motivate your audience to take action and contact you by personalizing your campaign to their specific demands and needs. Holiday-themed social media campaigns can bring attention to and donations to worthy causes. 

During Christmas, run a campaign with a Christmas theme and keep changing it on a specific holiday season. 

Way 2- Send Gifts to your Loyal Customers

Holidays are the perfect time to showcase your brand. Owners of businesses could use the holiday season to express gratitude to their regular customers by sending them thank-you notes and practical gifts. 

During Christmas, you can list your loyal customers whom you like to be with your business until the end of the year. A small piece of appreciation can make them turn into a repeat customer. For a B2B business, maintaining a regular customer base is essential.

Emailing relevant content, such as discounts or coupons for freebies on the eve of Christmas, is a great way to attract customers.

HubSpot found that 74% of B2B customers are likelier to purchase if a company provides valuable content.

Way 3- Offer Limited-Time Sales 

Getting your brand out there to potential customers and clients is facilitated by advertising time-limited offers during christmas.

New clients might be attracted by offering deals like a reduced rate for the first month of service. Customers can pay a premium to extend their warranty period or receive a temporary service upgrade.

Way 4- Make Customized Goods Available

Many businesses begin exploring other suppliers after a specific time of the year to catch the mindset of the other competitors. 

Examining your marketing data might target the audience’s habits, wants, and needs in such a situation. You can use this data to boost engagement and revenue to create bespoke products for B2B clients. To further attract clients, you might provide individualized product or service configurations.

With a personalized product, you can give your customers a voice in their evolution just in time for the holidays. You can immediately reap the benefits of such product personalizer if you run a print-on-demand company, a web-to-print operation, or deal with any custom business.

Forrester showed that 54% of B2B customers are more likely to buy from a company that provides them with Personalized recommendations. Let’s see how a product personalizer works-

Customization with InkyBay

Here, we can see this storeowner offers to make personalized banners, and one of his customers is making a Christmas theme banner.

Way 5- Offer a Free Trial

You may offer a free trial to your customer on Christmas. Because of the free trial, customers can become hooked on a service. And if they consistently have a positive experience, it could be better for your service or product.

HubSpot discovered that companies who provide free trials are 37% more likely to turn prospects into paying customers.

Free trials allow potential buyers to try out a product or service without risking their own money. It’s a great way to attract new consumers by giving them a taste of what you have to offer before you commit to buying. Customers’ confidence in a company’s offering can grow when it offers free trials to those customers.

Way 6- Put Ads on Social Media

With social media ads, you may get your product or service in front of CEOs and other business leaders during their downtime. Make sure that holiday-related search terms lead to your page using relevant keywords so that B2B clients can quickly reach your profile.

Promote your products and get in the holiday spirit by using text, photos, and videos with a Christmas theme at Social media. According to research conducted by Hootsuite, social media advertising is used by 81% of companies.

Social Media Ads are a simple approach but it is an effective one to put seasonal touches on your product especially on a holiday like Christmas. 

Before choosing the ads evaluate the most recent product photographs and videos featured in your brand’s Christmas social media advertising.

Way 7- Roll Out a Referral or Loyalty Program

Provide a customer loyalty program to encourage repeat purchases during the Christmas season. Increasing referral discounts is another way to get customers to spread the word. This allows your company to connect with a new demographic and boost brand recognition.

According to Accenture’s research, 61% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers a loyalty program.

To boost holiday sales and gather customer information, promoting a holiday rewards program is a good idea, which can be done by offering limited-time rewards, services, and savings opportunities to those who sign up and spreading the word about the program.

Way 8- Create a Landing Page for Christmas 

B2B purchasers generally undertake comprehensive cost-benefit evaluations before purchasing. This means that the distinguishing features of your service should be front and center on your landing pages. You may also encourage contact from potential customers by posting holiday-themed discounts on your website. Follow up with new visitors to your website by recording their contact information.

Your holiday sales page’s layout and content should reflect the types of products you’re offering. While creating a landing page, we can focus on your target audience and the strategy that your competitors are following.

Adobe found that 52 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase over the holiday season if the brand is offering a discount.

Way 9- Increase Your Sales from Current Clients

Improve your offerings, or try bundling them with something fresh. Customers will be more likely to take advantage of your deals if they can save money by purchasing a larger quantity. Solutions that help customers cut costs, streamline operations, and boost output are attractive selling points. In that case, you can install a third-party bulk order app at your store. 

This type of app also works as a versatile app; for example, they allow you to make bundles, put MOQs, and one-click add to cart for product variants. Most importantly, these types of applications make the inventory management system smooth. Let’s have a look at how such an app works.

Selling bulk with MultiVariants -Bulk Order App

Here, the storeowner sells doughnuts in bulk, and he also adds a MOQ (minimum order quantity), with the help of a Shopify wholesaler app. As a result, his customer is bound to buy the least number of doughnuts that they fix. This feature ultimately helped those wholesalers who want to sell products in a fixed quantity.

Way 10- Utilize a Variety of Promotional Methods

During Christmas, you can increase brand awareness and bring in new leads by using social media, blogs, webinars, and email marketing.

In addition to posting about sales on social media, you may also arrange online events for your audience. Get the ball rolling on promotion and preparation early to deliver high-caliber content on the right channels.

Offering special Christmas discounts and bundles is a simple but efficient method to attract clients. Implementing a limited-time offer strategy will create an atmosphere of urgency.

To give an impression, you can run a “15 Days of Christmas” advertising campaign. There, you can offer Christmas products with discounts. Make it simpler for your consumers by offering them bundles of products at a discount so that you can sell a good quantity of products together. Make sure these deals are front and center on your website.

To make the best use of a bundle use a bundle variants app, if you are running a store on a platform like Shopify.

Bottom Line 

The holidays are a crucial time for B2B companies to interact with clients and sell. Measuring your success throughout this period can help you reach your business goals. Track key stats and adopt smart marketing techniques to maximize the Christmas season and set your business up until the new year.

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