Shopify Growth Hacking: 7 ways to Increase your Company Growth

Shopify growth hacking marketing

Has the growth of your business slowed? If you are looking for ways to move your eCommerce business to the next level, then focusing on growth hacking marketing is no alternative. Though overnight success is never possible, there is nothing wrong with following a proper strategy.

Usually, growth hackers spend their time and energy conducting experiments using the most recent marketing and product-development strategies to increase customer retention.

Certain growth-hacking strategies are extremely effective, and some are not. To make the growth hacking process flawless, spend a significant amount of time on a project; otherwise, it will not bring satisfactory results. As a result, different marketers do experiments with various techniques.

According to Martechalliance, 86% of B2C and 91% of B2B companies employ content marketing as a growth hacking technique.

Here we will discuss Shopify growth hacking. Meanwhile, you can read what skill do you need to be a growth hacker.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a technique where marketers do experiments and apply different ways to grow their eCommerce business faster than sales. In a platform like Shopify, creating brand value is important to increase sales.

Growth hacking has no rules, regulations, or tools. You create rules and serve service according to your business and customer.

Many businesses need help to afford to spend money on expensive paid social marketing in the eCommerce industry. They follow effective growth hacking steps.

One who promotes their business growth over all other statistics is a growth hacker. It is common for growth hackers to focus on a wide range of measures rather than only one aspect to achieve growth.

How Can Growth Hacking Marketing Improve Your Shopify Store?

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  1. Allow your customer to say something about your business
  2. Use the hashtag and social media marketing
  3. Do content marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Investigate your competitors
  6. Discount and contest
  7. Call to action or live chat button

Way 1- Allow Your Customer to Say Something About Your Business

Growth hacking is all about convincing your current Shopify customers to spread your brand value through social media. To get a good review from your customer, try to make them happy and full fill their demand. A good discount offer and free coupon also encourage customers to share your product photographs on a different platform.

Way 2- Use Hashtag and Social Media Marketing

You have many customers in Shopify does not mean you do not need any additional marketing strategy. There are many more techniques. Among them, using hashtags is the one. Hashtags can be used in various ways by eCommerce companies to build long-term relationships with their customer.

To increase the visibility of products and services, using specific hashtags has no alternative. It increases your brand’s number of likes, comments, shares, and followers.

Way 3- Do Content Marketing

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run regarding content marketing. It is always important for any niche.

Providing Shopify customers with free content is a smart approach to showing your brand details to them. Give your consumers a clear overview through articles, tutorials, videos, copywriting, and even guest writing.

Way 4- Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective method of growth hacking process, especially compared to other methods. You have to pay a minimal amount of money to run the email marketing process.

Subject lines are the first thing users see when they open their inboxes. Building trust and recognition in your business is easier with the help of a well-crafted email subject line.

To do this, you’ll need to develop approximately five to six subject lines that explain what your email is about. It’s important to test each of your email subject lines to find which one is most effective for the message.

Email marketing is an effective growth hacking technique because, according to Snov, 29% of marketers say that email marketing is the best way to reach customers, 25% for social media, 22% for SEO, and 25% for content marketing.

Way 5- Investigate Your Competitors

Competitive analysis is a strategic research method that focuses on gathering and analyzing data about competitors in the marketplace. Your competitors’ activities and the possible consequences provide a good guessing line for a company.

Investigating competition is more challenging all the time. To make this task easier, collecting customers can play an important role. Use competitor analysis tools to cut the struggle. For instance, if you have a B2B wholesale business at Shopify, then analyzing your competitors are very beneficial. Also, find out if they use any B2B wholesale app for Shopify or not.

Additionally, selecting one or two methods to acquire information about your competitors is a good start when conducting your eCommerce competitor analysis.

Search engine keywords research tools like Google AdWords and Keyword Planner help find the most popular search terms for the items and services you sell and those of your competitors.

Using Google Trends is also a great way to get an idea of what people are searching for. As an alternative, when you need to conduct extensive keyword research, search and copy-paste the most popular keywords. You can use the Google Trends API to automate this procedure, which does the work for you.

Way 6- Give Discount and Offer Contest

Offering discounts and starting contests during holidays can be a good move for your company to create brand value, as brand value is highlighted in growth hacking for a successful Shopify business.

Providing a discount to encourage customers to buy. This may motivate customers who want to take advantage of an opportunity to act quickly. Acquiring a countdown clock technique for your business is a good method to emphasize the urgency of the transaction.

In the same way, People may share your website on different social media sites if you hold a contest that gets them excited. Proving a reward or recognition title is a good idea to make your customer happy. It increases brand value as well.

Giving discounts and offering contests are among the most common growth hacking strategies used by many companies. This strategy allows them to reach out to customers and create a sense of community among their audience.

According to Outgrow, contests bring in an average of more than 34% of new customers.

This particular strategy works well for marketing agencies because they have an established customer base and can easily give discounts or contests to their clients.

Way 7- Call To Action Or Live Chat Button

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and Call to Action (CTA) are related with each other. In the buyer’s journey, the calls to action work as a connection between the relationship between owner and customers. Read here to know why CRO is important for eCommerce.

Consumers are inspired to take urgent help from the CTA button if they want a customer to visit your blog, provide the contact information, download an e-book, or sign up for your email list. In this case, being a little bit strategic is nothing wrong.  Craft your CTA button differently instead of applying it the traditional way.

How Shopify Growth Hacking Works: A Overview

To grow your eCommerce business and website, you must use growth hacking and digital marketing. For example, if you’re getting more email addresses, more followers on social media, and more comments on a blog, that means your business is on track, but still, A real growth hacker doesn’t close off any possible paths that could lead him or her to a goal.

Meeting people in person, talking to them, and getting involved in what they do in their business and their experience can help you feel more confident and overcome your fears. Here are some guidelines you should follow when using social media:

It would be best if you first looked for social media platforms and websites that your competitors aren’t using. If you’re in a competitive field, it’s the most important part. Try to give away something for free at your business if you want more people to visit your website.

Therefore, if your landing page doesn’t get people excited, it’s probably time to make sure it’s drawn right. In this case, you ask your audience to send you an email and review. People like infographics, quizzes, and animated videos, adding these elements to your website and blogs.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Keeping up with the latest trends and opportunities in eCommerce is important to gain a competitive advantage in the current economy. In order to meet revenue targets, Shopify  growth hacking marketing help organizations stay consistent, establish customer communities, increase CLV and give relevant material to their customers. Read here to know about CLV.

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