How VPPStore Offers Quality Safety Workwear & Items On Shopify Ensuring an Improved Order Process

VPPStore Using MultiVariants

VPPStore Using MultiVariants

Safety Workwear & Apparels – Essential To Safeguard Your Employees & Help Them Perform Better

Once you ensure safety workwear and other safety items at the workplace, it boosts your employees’ confidence and they perform better. Finding quality safety product suppliers for your workplace is challenging among many options.

VPPStore is committed to providing quality products and safety kits with improved pricing through its Shopify store.

VPPStore – Offers Safety Kits Through Shopify Store Ensuring Easy Online Ordering

VPPStore is a USA-based company powered by CompleteSource offering multiple variations of products related to safety measurement. Some of their products are cable safety, glove guard products, closeout items, apparel, logoed merchandise, and many more. 

Along with providing these quality products through their Shopify store they also optimized their online store to ensure an improved order process on Shopify

VPP Store’s Primary Challenge On Shopify – Display All Variations Of A Product On a Single Product Page

VPPStore offers multiple types of products related to safety measurement through its store on the Shopify platform. Some products have multiple variations. It requires displaying all these variations of a product on a single product page in order to ensure Shopify quick orders for the customers. For instance – WINTER LINED DEERSKIN GLOVES is a type of safety hand glove that comes in different size variations like –

  • Size Medium
  • Size Large

Displaying all these size variations on a single page is essential to ensure a quick order-placing system for customers. But the default Shopify functionality does not allow displaying all these size variations on a single product page. A customer has to go back and forth multiple times for their multiple product selection which is a time-consuming process.

How did VPPStore ensure an improved order process for its customers?

VPPStore Can Now Display All Size Variations Of a Product In a Single Product Page On Shopify – How? 

VPPStore seamlessly integrated its store with a Shopify variant app that helped to ensure an improved order process on Shopify. With the application, VPPStore can now display all the size variations of “winter-lined deerskin gloves” on a single product page. Customers can now select multiple product variations from the same product page and place the bulk order in a single click. This really saves customers valuable time and customers get an improved shopping experience.

The below image shows how different size variations of “winter lined deerskin gloves” are displayed on a single product page using the Shopify variant app –

VPPStore Using MultiVariants Bulk Order App

How VPPStore Is Applying Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Restrictions On Shopify

With the default Shopify store, VPPStore was not allowed to apply any business rule from their Shopify store. After integration with the Shopify MOQ app, they can now apply business rules like minimum order quantity (MOQ) restrictions. They do not require any coding knowledge to apply these rules. With just a few clicks from the admin panel of the application, MOQ restrictions and other business rules can be applied easily. 

The below image shows that VPPStore is applying MOQ restrictions of 1 for the safety product “winter lined deerskin gloves”. However, the app allows you to set MOQ restrictions of any number.

VPPStore using Shopify MOQ app

The add to cart button will remain inactive until the MOQ restrictions are met. Once the MOQ restrictions are met, the button will turn red and the necessary notifications will display as it is showing in the below image –

 VPPStore using Shopify MOQ app

How VPPStore Ensures Auto Inventory Check & Displays In-Stock Badges

Checking the inventory automatically and displaying the in-stock badge on the product page was challenging for VPPStore. However, the task became easier once they integrated their store with the Shopify quick order app. The app automatically checks the VPPStore’s inventory and displays the in-stock badge accordingly on the product page. The below image shows how this is done with the app –

VPPStore Using MultiVariants Shopify Bulk Order App

Doing an eCommerce business is challenging. Value your customers’ time and build an improved order process on Shopify. Once you do that, you will get more loyal customers which is the ultimate goal of any business.

Here are the happy words that VPPStore wrote on the Shopify app store about the Shopify quick order app they integrated with their store and ensured an improved order process.

We just installed the app and it seems to work great. It makes a much-improved order process for our customers and the customer service has been great on the questions we have had.

– VPPStore

Final Words

VPPStore offers quality safety products from its Shopify store. They realized how important it is to ensure an improved order process on Shopify to grab more customers. And they have successfully ensured a quick order process with a Shopify tool that is easy to integrate and maintain.

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