The Confectionary’s Improved Order Process on Shopify

The confectionary using MultiVariants - quick order app.

The confectionary using MultiVariants - quick order app.

Candy & Popcorn – The Delicious Food Items Making Your Entertaining Moments Memorable

Candy, popcorn, or other chocolate items are a type of snack that makes our fun moments more memorable. During holidays, weekends, movie times, parties other occasions foods like chocolate and candy items, and popcorn make us smile and enhance our good feeling. 

There are many options out there but not all of them are committed to providing healthy chocolate or candy items. Finding a healthy snack option with improved pricing is a challenging task.

The Confectionary – A Handmade Chocolate & Delicious Candy Supplier Using Shopify Platform

The Confectionary offers homemade chocolate and candy items through its Shopify store. Some of their products are –

  • Caramel Apples
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Assorted Chocolates
  • Non-Pareils
  • Sugar-free Candy Coated Peanuts
  • Others

“The Confectionary” also value their customers’ valuable time so that they can place their orders in a quicker time from their Shopify store. This is letting their customers have a great shopping experience. Let us see how they do it.

The Confectionary’s Challenge To Display All Chocolate Variations In A Single Product Page On Shopify

Pastilles is a type of chocolate product that comes in different variations –

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate

If customers want to buy these chocolates in bulk, they have to go back and forth multiple times from the product page to place the order. This kills customers’ valuable time. To save customers valuable time and make the improved order process on Shopify, the Confectionary wants to display all these different variations of chocolate on a single product page. 

But, the default Shopify functionality does not allow displaying all these chocolate variations on a single product page. To do that, they have to hire a Shopify developer which is a costlier process or they can solve the issue easily by integrating their store with a Shopify tool.

How They Display All Chocolate Variations On a Single Product Page On Shopify

“The Confectionary” integrated their store with a Shopify tool that solved all of their challenges instantly. With this Shopify tool, all the chocolate variations are displayed on a single product page. Customers can now select multiple chocolate variations from one single product page and place the bulk order in just a single click.

“The Confectionary” has ensured a quick add-to-cart on Shopify for their customers. Quality products and a quick order-placing system influence the customers to be loyal customers for any merchant.

Improved order process on Shopify

The Confectionary Ensures Auto Inventory Check & Displays In-Stock Badges – How

The quick order tool installed on the Confectionary’s Shopify store automatically checks the inventory and displays the in-stock badges on the product page. Customers placing an order for a product that is out of stock will bring a bad reputation to your business. Instead, displaying how much is in stock helps customers place their orders and their desired quantity inputs. So, optimize your product page with a Shopify tool that helps your business stand out from the crowd and grow faster.

In-stock badges on Shopify

Improved Order Process Helps Get More Customers

Doing business online is competitive. Similar products are offered by many online stores. After you ensure quality products, what matters here is how conveniently your customer can navigate your products and place orders. Additionally, if you can apply business rules like the minimum order (MOQ) quantity restrictions, this would be a plus. Now, if you are using the Shopify platform, use a Shopify tool that will optimize your product page and help you attract more customers, and eventually improve your sales volume.

 “The Confectionary” had a cumbersome ordering process from their Shopify store due to which they were losing sales. They integrated this Shopify bulk order tool and ensured an improved order process. The integration of this Shopify tool has brought their Shopify store to the next level and stand out from the competition. Here is their feedback regarding the tool on the Shopify app store –

I recently downloaded the free version of the app and setup was seamless! It worked immediately and I was very pleased with my results. Specifically, the app helped provide my customers with a quicker way to add items to their shopping cart. With some products I have multiple variants and I was losing sales due to the cumbersome ordering process. Now my customers can add to their cart quickly. Most of my sales come from phone users and the phone display is gorgeous! SO EASY! I emailed the developer with some questions about upgrading and I’m already excited about what the the new upgrade will allow me to do. They responded very quickly and I was very grateful for the help. They were professional and friendly throughout. I cannot recommend this app enough. Thank you, MultiVariants! You took my online store to the next level!

– The Confectionary review on Shopify app store

Final Words

“The Confectionary” has been offering delicious chocolate items since 1982. Once they started offering their products through the Shopify store, they ensured an improved order process on Shopify for their customer along with offering their quality products.

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