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Best 3d printer filaments brands

3d Printer – An Additive Manufacturing Technology

One of the rapidly growing technologies having applications across a multitude of industries is 3d Printing. This technology is used to manufacture a physical product from a digital design.

It is predicted that this technology will have much manufacturing capability starting from producing medical equipment to automotive parts.

Best 3d printer filaments brands

It is not so long that 3d Printers were being used for industrial purposes only. But in recent times, consumer printers are easily available. 

The question that is often asked is – How do I know what 3d printer to buy? Well, before choosing from the best 3d printer brands, first know what you are going to print and how often you are going to use the printer. Besides, choose a 3d printer that has an easy-to-use user interface and a heated glass bed.

Quality 3d printer filaments are essential to get quality 3d prints. To get better performance and consistent 3d prints, you have to invest in 3d printer filaments. 

Shenzhen Eryone Technology – a promising 3d printer manufacturer might be the right choice for you. They have dedicated team members who are always in search of finding the best option for their customers. They have earned a positive reputation by providing quality 3d printers and, 3d printing filaments, resin, and other accessories to customers around the world.

Shenzhen Eryone Technology – Committed To The Path of Internationalization

Shenzhen Eryone Technology Co., Ltd, a China-based 3d printer manufacturer, was founded on June 1, 2018. The company has a strong Research and Development team. They are committed to building its own brand both domestically and internationally. 

Eryone Technology has a mission to deliver advanced scientific research products to the market. They have scientific manpower that maintains a close relationship with many renowned universities in China. With a strong supply chain, Eryone has achieved a deep insight into the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Ereone basically supplies the following products –

  • 3d Printers
  • 3d Printing filaments
  • Resin
  • Other accessories related to 3d Printing

Eryone’s Challenges With Location-Based Product Variants Display on the Product Page. 

Eryone sells different color variants of filaments that are among the best 3d printer filaments. They supply these different colors of filaments to different locations (UK, EU, CA, and others).

Also, the available stock quantity of a particular color of filament is different for different shipping locations. For instance – the available stock quantity for black color ultra silk PLA 3d printer filament for the location UK is 30 while that for the US is 1.

To meet the business goal, they also needed to allow customers to order a minimum quantity of a product in combinations of different color variants of filaments.

So, Eryone – a 3d printer filaments manufacturer had no other choice than to ensure the following points to fulfill its business demand from its Shopify store –

  • Allow customers to easily Order different color filaments from different shipping locations.
  • Different prices for different color variants for locations.
  • Allow customers to order a minimum quantity of a product in combinations of different color variants.
  • Display out-of-stock color variants of filaments.
  • Display available stock quantities of different color filaments for different locations.
  • Display the Minimum quantity and the chosen quantity of the filaments.

Unfortunately, with the default functionality on the Shopify platform, all these business restrictions can not be applied.

The challenges demanded an easy solution so that it can save their customers valuable time while placing orders easily from Eryone’s online store.

Eryone’s Shopify Store – Complex Problems and Simple Solutions

Eryone – 3d printing filaments provider discovered an easy solution to apply all its business restrictions from the Shopify store. 

They installed a one-click bulk order app for their Shopify store which became the game-changer for their 3d printer filaments business. This easy ordering app solved all the challenges they were facing in just a few moments after they installed the app on their Shopify store.

Now, Eryone Shopify store can display the product variants in a flexible way on the same page.

The installed application offers different displaying styles. The app converted the default Shopify variants drop-down into a variant list table with the quantity box.

Location-Based variable color filaments display from Eryone Shopify store with MultiVariants – one click bulk order app –

3d printer filaments order from variable shipping location

Customers can now easily select different color variants of filaments by choosing different shipping locations along with the quantities of the variants at the same time. 

Location-based product variants display

Selecting multiple color variants of filaments, customers can add them to the cart with just a single click. This is saving customers valuable time by allowing them to place orders easily with just a single click.

Eryone can now easily set Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) restrictions with the MultiVariants Shopify app.

best resin 3d printer

Customers can now order a minimum amount of a product in combinations of different color variants of 3d printer filaments.

With the app installed, Eryone is allowed to apply other business restrictions like restrictions on price, restrictions on product variants, and other restrictions as well.

So, customers can now place their orders easily from Eryone Shopify Store and get their quality products. That way, ensuring quality products and satisfied customers, Eryone is committed to being one of the best 3d printer filaments suppliers around the world.

Eryone integrating with MultiVariants – bulk order app has successfully made the ordering process simple for customers which is actually contributing to increasing the sales volume. Here is how –

  • The app allows them to apply minimum order quantity (MOQ) restrictions which eventually helps to increase total sales volume.
  • The app is making it easier for their customers to place orders. This actually is saving customers time, faster checkout process, and better User Experience (UX) which is helping to get satisfied customers and more prospects.
  • The app is allowing customers to choose multiple color variants of filaments from a single page and add them to the cart with just a single click.
  • Last but not least, with zero coding knowledge, the app allows them to easily apply other business restrictions according to their requirements with just a few clicks.

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Eryone Review from Shopify app Store

Final Thoughts

Since 2018,  Shenzhen Eryone Technology has been trying to make a path to internationalization and is committed to bringing quality 3d printers, 3d printer filaments, and other accessories. Over the past few years, they have been successfully bringing their quality products to many doorsteps around the world. 

Their determined research and development team and strong workforce are making their way to success quickly. They do not hesitate to take any action which would bring positive change in their business.

Eryone cares about their customers’ valuable time. By ensuring quality products and proper use of technology, Eryone is getting closer to success day by day.


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