Romanian Company Offers High-Quality Dolls on Shopify

Eco Flower Fairies using MultiVariants - bulk order app

Eco Flower Fairies – A Brand Name Of Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Doll In Romania

Eco Flower Fairies using MultiVariants - bulk order app

Eco Flower Fairies LLC is a US brand and was born in 1996 in Romania. A team of hard-working ladies spends hours crafting beautiful quality eco-friendly dolls. Each doll displayed on their Shopify store is made with love and passion. 

Through their Shopify store, they offer several seasonal collections of dolls – 

  • Spring collections
  • Summer collections
  • Fall collections
  • Winter collections
  • Dollhouse Dolls collections
  • others

Besides offering quality eco-friendly dolls from their online store, they integrated their online store with essential technology that has ensured a smooth order placing process for their customers. 

Although, initially the default Shopify functionality did not allow them to optimize their store according to their requirements. Later on, by integrating their store with a Shopify wholesale ordering app they became able to ensure a smooth order-placing system for their customers. This helped them increase their AOV (Average Order Value).

Let’s see how did they do it!

Eco Flower Fairies Challenges With Displaying Multiple Doll Variations On Product Page In Shopify

As already mentioned, Eco Flower Fairies offers several seasonal collections of dolls. Each collection of dolls has several variations based on the colors. Displaying all these variations of a single collection of dolls on a single product page makes it easy for their customers to choose and place their orders quickly. However, they can not do it with the default Shopify.

For instance – “Holly Berry Princess (miniature hanging felt doll)” is a type of doll available in 4 variations of skin colors –

  • Skin tone fair skin
  • Skin tone light skin
  • Skin tone medium skin
  • Skin tone dark skin 

All these “Holly Berry Princess Doll” variations can not be displayed on a single product page by default Shopify.

Customers have to go back and forth several times to add multiple colored dolls to the cart. This is time-consuming, and customers sometimes abandon the cart. A recent study says a good number of customers abandon their carts due to long and complex processes while placing orders from an online store.

How Do They Display All Doll Variations on A Single Product Page In Shopify

Eco-Friendly Fairies Shopify store was integrated with a Shopify bulk order app that magically helped them overcome all the challenges they were facing previously.

With the tool, all the variations of a doll of a specific seasonal collection are now displayed on a single product page. Customers can now easily select their options and add them to the cart in just a single click. This saves customers valuable time and helps them to get more loyal customers.

Additionally, the Shopify tool automatically checks the inventory and displays how many are in stock beside each doll variation. Also, it displays the out-of-stock badge if any product is unavailable.

Shopify product variations display on a single page

How Eco Flower Fairies Ensures A Quick Bulk Order In Shopify

Eco Flower Fairies offer quick wholesale orders from the Shopify store. Customers have to select different doll variations from a single page and add them to the cart in just one click. This has been possible due to the integration of the store with a Shopify bulk order app. 

The application also displays different skin variations of a doll in the dropdown. For instance, “Chrysanthemum Fairy” is a type of doll that comes in different skin variations. All these variations are displayed in a dropdown using the application.

Display Product variations in dropdown in Shopify

Eco Flower Fairies struggled to display several product variants from their Shopify store. The Shopify wholesale ordering app made it easy for them and they overcame all the challenges they faced with default Shopify in a couple of minutes.

Besides displaying several variants of each product, the app automatically checks the inventory and displays the inventory quantities.

Integrating with the app does not require any coding knowledge. It just needs a few clicks and is compatible with any available themes on Shopify. 

Here are a few happy words Eco Flower Fairies put in the Shopify app store regarding the app –

The app is exactly what I needed for my store, where each product has several variants. It makes it so easy now to see all variants at the same time and their inventory quantities. It looks great and it works perfectly. I was surprised how easy it was to install it, very fast, I had it running in a couple of minutes. Love it, thank you EFOLI!

Eco Flower Fairies review on Shopify

Final Word

Besides providing quality dolls from the Shopify store, Eco Flower Fairies (A US doll brand) prioritizes how they can save their customers valuable time during placing orders online. 

They offer wholesale from their store but could not ensure a quick bulk order placing system with default Shopify. It is a Shopify wholesale ordering app that lets them provide a one-click bulk order from the Shopify store. Integrating their Shopify store with this Shopify tool has brought them one step ahead of their competitors.

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