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Natural Fabrics – A Comfortable Option For Your Skin

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Fabric is prepared by weaving together cotton, wool, nylon, or other threads. Fabric is skin friendly and a more comfortable option for your skin than leather.

Finding quality and unique fabrics is a challenge. Harmful substances used in building the fabric might harm your health through skin contact and breathing. So, not all fabrics will be a friendly option for your skin. In this case, 852 Fabric might be a good choice for you as all fabrics are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified.

852 Fabric – Committed To Offer Quality And Unique Design Fabrics

852 Fabric started its journey in October 2018 based in Tai Po, Hong Kong. Currently, they only operate online. Their fabric is printed in China, and they use only Oeko Tex standard 100 certified inks to ensure a skin-friendly fabric.

852 Fabric has collaborated with local and international artists and designers to produce quality and unique design fabrics.

852 Fabric Challenges With Displaying Multiple Fabric Variants In Dropdown In Shopify

852 Fabric offers several fabric designs prepared from different material variants. From their Shopify store, they want to let customers choose material variants and style variants from two different dropdowns, input the amount in the quantity input box and add it to the cart from the same page.

With the Shopify default functionality, 852 Fabric store can not display all these fabric variants in the dropdown. This makes it a time-consuming process for the customer to place an order.

For instance – 852 Fabric offers several food-related designs. One of them is the “Dimsum Series,” and this design series comes with multiple style variants and multiple material variants. For instance – 

The style variants for the “Dimsum Series” are –

  • Dimsum Blue
  • Dimsum Yellow
  • Dimsum Black Bean
  • Dimsum Cream

The material variants for the Dimsum series are –

  • Cotton Woven
  • Cotton Lycra Knit
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Double Brush Polyester
  • Cotton French Terry
  • Rayon

Now, 852 Fabric wants to create a dropdown menu for all the style variants and another dropdown menu for all the material variants. They want to display these two dropdowns and a quantity input box on the single product page in Shopify. 

“Baby Ramen Series” is another type of fabric design that comes with two color variants and multiple material variants. So, conveniently displaying all these variants on a single product page is a challenge, but if it’s done it will ensure an easy order placing system for their customers.

Now, How can they set this smart ordering system in Shopify? 

How To Display Multiple Material And Style Variants In Dropdown In Shopify

The challenges of displaying all the color variants and material variants in two different dropdowns came to end once MultiVariants – a Shopify app was installed in their store. In fact, MultiVariants offers four different display styles. For instance – List, Grid, Select, Swatch. However, 852 Fabric is using the select view to display all the style variants and material variants in two different dropdowns on a single page. This is obviously making a better user experience (UX) which is eventually accelerating their business.

The below image shows how all the style variants and the material variants of the “Dimsum Series” products are displayed.

Challenges With Applying Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For “Dimsum Series” Design Products

Applying a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 3 on the pre-order for the products of the “Dimsum series” design is one of the business requirements for 852 Fabric. Until the order quantity reaches at least 3 the add to cart button will remain inactive. 

“Baby Ramen Series” is another type of fabric design they offer through their store. For the products of this design, 852 Fabric also wants to set an MOQ of 3.

So, 852 Fabric was looking for an easy solution that will let them set the MOQ of their choice.

How 852 Fabric Is Successfully Applying Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For “Dimsum Series” Products

Fabric 852 wants to apply MOQ on the products that customers pre-order. And until the order quantity reaches this preset preorder quantity, the add to cart button remains inactive.

Fortunately, Fabric 852 found the MultiVariants – Shopify Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) app that seamlessly integrated with their store. And with just a few clicks they successfully applied a Minimum Order Quantity of 3 for the products of the “Dimsum Series”.

Here the checkout button remains inactive until the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) reaches 3.

Shopify- Minimum Order Quantity

The below image shows that the checkout button gets active when the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) reaches a total of unit 3.

 Shopify Minimum Order Quantity

With MultiVariants – Shopify Minimum Order Quantity app, 852 Fabric has successfully applied its business rules. The application offers merchants to set their required business rules with just a few clicks without any coding knowledge.

Here is the satisfactory review from 852 Fabric –

This app not only helps us provide variants but more importantly set the minimums we require for pre-orders. Once it is set up, it’s really easy to use and we have not found another app that compares with all the same features. Also, their Customer Support is really great and they are on hand with quick fixes and when necessary have configured larger changes for us too.

  • 852 Fabric

Final Words

Choosing quality fabrics is crucial to ensure skin-friendly clothing. Especially people with skin sensitivity should choose fabric cautiously. Besides, people look for unique fabric designs. 

852 Fabric to offer unique fabric designs has included some local as well as international makers and designers in their team. They offer their products through the Shopify store and have successfully built a quick ordering process through their store which is saving their customers valuable time. No doubt, besides ensuring quality products, 852 Fabric is concerned about how conveniently customers can place an order through their Shopify store. And this is the secret to why 852 Fabric is growing so fast.

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