7 Conversion Rate Killers: Know How to Avoid Them!

What Kills The Conversions In Your eCommerce Business

The primary objective of conversion is to accomplish a marketing goal for the user. The conversion could gained when a consumer registers for a service, sees a page on the website, or purchases a specific product.

The term “conversion” can be defined as a pattern of behaviour or an action carried out by a user at any point within the conversion funnel.

The conversion rate is a statistic used in eCommerce to indicate how many users out of the total number of people visit the website as prospects and how many end up becoming customers.

The only thing that matters is how much traffic is converted into actual customers. But the procedure is challenging. Making common mistakes on an eCommerce website can drag the conversion rate down. As an eCommerce businessman, you must find out what kills the conversion in your eCommerce business.

Causes of Conversion Rate Dragging: What are the Common Mistakes? 

  1. Complicated signup process
  2. Poor quality of an image 
  3. A slow server 
  4. Non-attractive CTA button 
  5. Lack of Marketing and Social Media Activities 
  6. Poor live chat and support facility 
  7. Not enough payment options 

Cause 1- Complicated Signup Process

Creating a store account and registering for an account are two of the most ineffective ways to increase conversions. Logging in or creating an account is the most obvious choice for every visitor at a different point.

But mostly, clients need to pay more attention to the registration process if they feel it’s too time-consuming. This will hurt sales. This necessitates making the sign-up procedure as simple as possible. When customers don’t have to go through a lengthy sign-up process, it saves them time and effort.

As a business owner, you may need help with this service method. It is vital to collect customer data such as names, addresses, and e-mail addresses, as well as information to learn about their buying patterns. As a result, when optimizing, you must find a solution that convinces your consumers and prospects.

Cause 2- Poor Quality of an Image

The importance of images may be greater than the importance of the product. Using these images, clients can see exactly what they’re purchasing and how it will fit into their life.

When shoppers see photos not taken by a professional and not framed well, they think the products must be harmful. Product pages with “selected” stamp-sized photos do not grab the customer’s attention.

But any phone with a camera can also take great pictures of products. You don’t need a high-end DSLR camera. But lighting can make all the difference when taking photos in low light.

For product photography, it’s worth it to get some studio lights. If you’ve exhausted your photography skills, you can hire a skilled product photographer for a fraction of the cost of a full-time photographer if you’ve finished your photography skills.

Cause 3- A Slow Server 

For an eCommerce businessman, a website significantly impacts conversion rates. Numerous studies have found a faster page speed will result in a higher conversion rate. In another way, the speed of a website’s loading affects the user has desired experience.

According to the Hub post:

  • The most significant conversion rates are achieved during the first five seconds after loading a page.
  • When a website takes more than five seconds to load, average conversion rates drop by 4.42 percent.
  • It takes an average of 15.3 seconds for a mobile web page to load. Page speed is an issue for over 70% of customers when making an online purchase.
  • Page loading times of between 0 and 2 seconds have the greatest e-commerce conversion rates.
  • Website conversion rates drop by 2.11 percent for every additional second of page load time between seconds 0-9.

So, the loading time of a website or server has a vast impact on an eCommerce website. Page design and layout play a major role in generating a website’s conversion rate. Despite these concerns, increasing the speed of a website should increase conversion rates even if the page itself still has to be optimized in other ways.

Cause 4- Non-Attractive CTA Button

It’s tough to highlight the relevance of call-to-actions in a normal way, so, unfortunately, most websites need to correct the mistake of creating a CTA button. In 2020, CTA was regarded as one of the most important aspects of a landing page design, as this is where visitors or customers typically place their queries after logging in.

If you want to make your CTA button attractive, then you should think about the following:

  • Most CTA buttons are rectangles with white space around them. Make your CTA button different from others to attract more customers to your website.
  • Your CTA buttons should be positioned close to the key offer because it is the most obvious next step for your customer’s experience.
  • To make a CTA button stand out, using a color different from the website design is vital.
  • The size of the button is another thing to keep an eye on. CTA buttons should be big enough to be seen but small enough to be attractive.

Cause 5- Lack of Marketing and Social Media Activities

Your website’s traffic and conversions will increase if you invest significantly in marketing. Several easy methods for reaching your target audience and generating results include paid advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Cause 6- Poor live chat and support facility

Customers visiting your website may need help browsing, or some questions may arise in their minds. In such a case, if your website’s live chat option does not work correctly, then it will be a disaster. A customer’s bad experience drags the conversion rate.

For instance, you have a business of a product personalization app, and a bulk bundle builder app for Shopify,now you want to offer live chat through your website. Then, it is pronounced that your customer has some queries about the app, and they will send messages. In such cases, live chat can help them.

Now if your live chat facility is not good, it will have a destructive impact on your customer retention.

Cause7- Not enough payment options

Your conversion rate goes down when you only offer one way to pay. Customers might abandon their carts if there aren’t enough ways to pay.

Adding more payment options and letting customers use the one they prefer is a surefire way to increase the conversion rate for eCommerce.

Add PayPal, credit cards, and local payment methods so that no customer has to leave your store because their favorite payment method isn’t available. Read this about to know payment gateways.

How Can You Prevent Conversions From Killing Your eCommerce Business?

How Can You Prevent Conversions From Killing Your eCommerce Business_

There is enough space for you to grow your company in the vast e-commerce market. But if you want people to buy something from your online business, you must provide them with more than a wonderful product. Your online store’s conversion rate can be suffered because of many reasons. Here are three top solutions-

Solution 1- Do Not Forget To Use The Captcha Code

Many company owners must develop innovative and creative methods to protect their website’s vital information from online fraud, theft, and spying.

With captcha codes, you can verify your online clients’ identities while avoiding time-consuming and difficult coding that may negatively impact your website’s performance and conversion rates. However, this new technology might make your checkout procedure more efficient. Additionally, you may use eCommerce extensions to make online shopping easier.

Solution 2- Select The CTA Button Carefully

Selecting the proper availability of the right call-to-action button will likely significantly influence your prospective consumers. To get visitors’ attention, just use an eye-catching call-to-action button to communicate the message of your website effectively.

Ensure that your company’s rules and procedures are prominently displayed on your website.

E-business owners must make their websites easy to navigate to pique the attention of potential customers. You’ll be OK if you don’t supply your users with any information that may alter their confidence or purchase choice.

Solution 3- Try To Get Positive Reviews From Clients

According to Power Review, 99.9% of customers read reviews, and 98.9% consider them a vital step in the customer experience before buying. To prove your product’s credibility, gather lots of positive reviews. Getting positive reviews boosts the conversion rate of your site and also has an impact on the CRO (conversion rate optimization) process.

Solution 4- Offering Discounts

While buying online, most people are seeking the most exciting discount offer. eCommerce stores that cannot provide offers and other promotions on their websites will suffer greatly later because most of their competitors offer a discount on several occasions.

These seemingly little details may significantly impact the success of your online shop. If you want to provide your clients with an excellent online shopping experience and enhance conversions, consider carefully the limiting constraints. For example, You have a shot at Shopify, and you sell in bulk; in such case offering discounts in your store can generate more sales.

Solution 5- Use a Bulk Order App

A good app for placing bulk orders should streamline the process of determining the overall cost, choosing the quantity, and submitting the order. If you want clients to be able to place orders from their phones, your app needs to be simple to use and mobile-friendly. Customer satisfaction is the single most important factor in increasing conversion rates in your B2B wholesale business.

If you are just doing a business in platform like Shopify then you must use a bulk order app for Shopify, so that your customer can perform a quick order.

Bottom Line

Without the conversion rate growth, you can not push your eCommerce business. So skip the mistakes that we have mentioned above, and also look at the solution that we have explained.

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