Is Shopify Good for Selling Wholesale? – If Yes, Then Why

Shopify good for selling wholesale or bulk

Selling Wholesale: Shopify

Wholesale is the process of selling large quantities of your products to other vendors. Instead of selling directly to end-users, wholesale is preferable. Because a wholesale business is a great way to get your eCommerce store up and running, and it will help your store expand in an exciting way. 

If you want to sell your products wholesale, you will need to figure out which platform is best. Are you confused about it? We want to reduce some of your concerns by promoting Shopify, for your wholesale business. But relax! You do not need to trust us blindly. Because we are going to establish our point regarding  Is Shopify good for selling wholesale products or not? 

Hopefully, this elaborate discussion will help you understand why you should choose Shopify for selling your products wholesale.

Can Shopify Be Used For Wholesale?

Shopify is a widely accepted eCommerce platform because of its simplicity, practicality, and effectiveness. It provides various opportunities for a business, including design and configuration. Shopify provides countless sales features, such as – Shopify email, Google smart shopping, Facebook Ads, Shopify point of sale, unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth and online storage, online sales channel, manual order creation, analytics, finance report, and so on. By evaluating these aspects this is considered one of the biggest online sales platforms.

Moreover, this platform offers B2B online store owners the to update and control all of their key data from a single dashboard. It comes up with one of the most effective customer care systems available 24/7.

Shopify authorizes various options for selling to wholesale customers. Wholesale is an excellent method for your business to get your feet wet in the wholesale world. It is also a nice choice if your company has already doing wholesale business. You can simplify and clarify your wholesale order processes by using Shopify wholesale.

The best features of Shopify are, it offers interactive web-based applications for product customization, shop customization, multiple websites from the same database, customized pricing, multi-channel selling, a single dashboard with all necessary controls, the ability to modify HTML, CSS, flexibility, social network connectivity, wholesale or bulk order application, and more.

Here are some statistics from Sleeknote about Shopify: 

  • Shopify controls over 11% of the whole eCommerce market.
  • Shopify apps are used by 87% of merchants to run their e-commerce businesses.
  • Retail (17%), Apparel & Fashion (11%), and Computer Software (6%) are the three most popular industries on Shopify Plus.

As you can see, a large number of eCommerce business owners are using this platform, and vendors selling things in bulk, so why should not you?

If you are new in the wholesale business and curious enough to dig deep to understand more about wholesale or bulk orders click here.

Wholesale Channel on Shopify

Shopify has been a key part of the rapid growth of the eCommerce market, which was expected to reach $17.8 billion in the United States by 2020, and the increase rate was 24.3%.

Furthermore, the B2B industry is doing well on Shopify. In 2017, they developed a wholesale channel eCommerce strategy to make B2B sales on their platform easier.

Furthermore, the Shopify wholesale channel allows you to set a password-protected wholesale storefront. This will connect your existing web store to your wholesale customers and allow you to sell your products at custom wholesale prices.

You can also add wholesale-only products that will be hidden from your normal clients, and you can view all orders placed from the dashboard.

Shopify’s wholesale channel simplifies your B2B business by offering wholesale customers a self-service online portal. The wholesale channel is available on Shopify Plus. For wholesale buyers, the procedure can be divided into three simple steps:

  1. Order Placement: Customers may log in to your wholesale site and place orders 24/7 without any direct contact.
  2. Older history: Customers can access their order and invoice records from their customer dashboard. It will provide them with additional transparency.
  3. Order tracking: When an order confirmation email is never received, customers can log in, recover the tracking number, and examine the order status to find out where their order is.

If you do not have a wholesale channel budget, you can use Handshake Marketplace.

Handshake’s Marketplace for Wholesaling

You can sell on the Handshake marketplace by using the Handshake sales channel. It is a wholesale marketplace that connects authorized wholesale Shopify merchants with retailers.

To sell on the Handshake marketplace, you must first apply. If your application is approved, you’ll be able to add the Handshake sales channel to your Shopify admin and list your wholesale company and products on the Handshake marketplace. 

3 More Ways of Selling Wholesale on Shopify

Besides of Wholesale channel, there are three more ways to do wholesale on Shopify: 

  • First of all, a discount code is a trouble-free way to sell wholesale in your existing eCommerce business. Simply create discount codes, and this is only available to wholesale buyers. This is a wonderful method to see if Shopify wholesale is right for your company or not. The easiest solution to use wholesale discount coupons on Shopify is to apply the same discount to all of your products. It is important if you cannot offer the same percentage discount on all items. But, if you have many distinct products, this could be time-consuming.
  • Secondly, Wholesale customers can receive invoices for their transactions. You can continue to use wholesale if your customers prefer that option. You will need an app to invoice your wholesale customers by using Shopify. Its app store has many wholesale apps that can assist you with invoicing. You can provide your wholesale customers with “terms” by invoicing them. For instance, the term “net 30” is very common. That means, if your customer pays the wholesale invoice within 30 days, they can grab the invoice’s net amount. In any case, if they do not pay on time, you can charge interest to them. But, It is not essential to use net 30 all the time. You have the option of offering a shorter or longer term. Alternatively, you may decide not to give conditions on Shopify wholesale orders.
  • Lastly, for wholesale sales, you can create a separate Shopify storefront. This is an excellent choice if you have a lot of wholesale traffic but do not have a Shopify Plus subscription. You can design a storefront that highlights the important elements to your wholesale consumers. You could emphasize turnover rates and discount offers rather than just focusing on product characteristics. You can transfer items from your Shopify retail outlet to your second storefront when you set it up. This removes the need for you to manually enter all of your products into your wholesale store. You can also make your wholesale storefront password-protected.

Can You Sell B2B on Shopify?

Shopify comes with a built-in B2B sales channel to set up a customer and product-specific pricing.

You can create customized prices for different B2B customers with Shopify. For example, create multiple pricing systems for your regular customers.

You can connect to several custom pricing apps on the app store, including different pricing discounts, wholesale pricing, and discounts for guest customers, among other features.

It is a user-friendly platform that anyone can use. It is a well-rounded marketing strategy integrated with Shopify’s SEO expertise to make an impact and increase sales. Shopify has everything that you will need to run a B2B online store, sell online, interact with social media, etc.

Retailers who want to benefit from a hosted platform like Shopify can adopt the SaaS approach for eCommerce to simplify storefront management.

On Shopify, Who Should Sell Wholesale?

Not every business is a suitable fit for wholesale. However, if you want to expand your company, this is an option you should Focus on.

If your budget margin is low and you do not have a healthy supply chain, you may drop the idea of wholesale. On the other hand, if you have a stable cash flow and profit margin then wholesale will expand your business. Because in wholesale, you can save money dealing with fewer customers, and shipping costs will also be significantly reduced.

Bottom Line

You may sell to wholesale customers in a variety of ways using the platform. Shopify wholesale is a fantastic way to get your feet wet in the wholesale business world.

It is also a fantastic alternative if your company already sells wholesale. There is a channel ready for your wholesale store if you are a Shopify Plus seller. Even if you do not have Plus, it’s simple to provide wholesale discounts to a small group of clients on Shopify.

So, do not get confused about Is Shopify good for selling wholesale? Because this platform is good for wholesale. 


Can Shopify be used for wholesale?

Shopify helps you sell your products wholesale to other business owners. You have the option of selling on the Handshake marketplace or creating a separate, password-protected store. Select an option that is appropriate for the size and complexity of your wholesale business.

How do I add wholesale to Shopify?

First of all, go to customers in your Shopify dashboard and create a customer account for yourself. Scroll down to the bottom of your customer account page and add the tag “wholesale.” Then, return to your site’s front end and log into your customer account.

Is Shopify good for selling products?

Shopify is one of the most sophisticated eCommerce platforms available today, especially for larger businesses. It’s provided to help people create their own flexible online store with hundreds of technological aspects and a large number of apps.