Increase Sales By Enabling Bulk Product Order Into Your Shopify Store

MultiVariants bulk order for Shopify

MultiVariants – An Easy Bulk Order Application For Your Customers

Customers worldwide suffer immensely while bulk product ordering as they have to select the product variants and quantities one at a time. For instance, Elizabeth is throwing a brand celebration office party. So, she wants to order t-shirts from your store for a group of 100 people. She wants the t-shirts in 4 different sizes, 4 different colors, and 2 different designs. So, she wants to place the bulk order by combining SIZE-COLOR-DESIGN from your stock.

In the order, the total combinations are 4x4x2=32. So, imagine how many times Elizabeth has to click to choose the combination of 4 variants in your present bulk product ordering system. Yes, it’s 32 times!!! It certainly is a terrible experience for her. It’s time-consuming, irritating, and slows down the order process, which leads to a decrease in sales, no doubt.

At this point, MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order takes the stage. It offers your customers to bulk order and lets them select multiple variants and quantities of the same product easily in just one click. MultiVariants is available on the Shopify platform.

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Why Do You Need To Install MultiVariants – Bulk Product Order Into Your Store?

  1. Customers spend a lot of time ordering multi-variant products on a store product page. So the Bulk Order app can help them with the ordering method.
  2. When multiple-variants products are displayed on the product page, it can influence shoppers, and the chance of increases in sales is high
  3. It allows customers to select product variants and quantities at the same time, so it saves a lot of time
  4. A smooth bulk ordering process will make the customers happy, and happy customers lead to an increase in sales

MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order: How It Works?

As an eCommerce store owner, you’re selling multiple variant products or maybe in bulk or wholesale. But your ordering process slows down your sales, which is a downside for your business.

You already have the default variants dropdown in your system. Integrating MultiVariant into your online store lets you turn your dropdown into a variant list table along with a quantity input box. So, it becomes easier for your customers to select multiple product variants and quantities at the same time. Enabling bulk order also allows a one-click add to the shopping cart option.

How does Bulk Order Increase Your Sales?

An easy and smooth shopping experience makes the customers happy, which undoubtedly will lead to an increase in sales in your business. You can effortlessly turn Elizabeth into a satisfied customer by providing her an easy and smooth product ordering experience.

MultiVariants – Bulk Order app converts your existing product variants into a list view where all the combinations are displayed with the quantity selecting fields. Now, Elizabeth goes to your product page, and she can quickly enter the required quantity number of the t-shirts right next to the variant list. It also allows her a single click add to cart button.

MultiVariants offers:

  • Easy installation and Bulk orders will be active in your online store
  • Quantity box along with variant combinations for bulk order
  • Settings for variants unit/total price, available stock quantity, icons, Out of Stock including image badge
  • A single-click add-to-the-cart
  • It’s available with a free plan as well.

Final Thoughts

With MultiVariants – Bulk Order, your B2B, and retail customers can access your product variants and quantity at the same time on the product page. It’s a perfect application for wholesale customers. It also enables a faster checkout process by providing a one-click add to cart option on the store.


Get MultiVariants from Shopify App Store