10 Low-Cost B2B Business Ideas To Gain Profit

low cost b2b business ideas

Before jumping into an eCommerce business, focusing on investment and costing is really important because when you start a business without budget planning, a massive financial loss can happen. 

After analyzing the budget, if you still have less investment to start a business online, do not drop the idea. You can start a B2B business on a limited budget. 

In 2021, the estimated value of the worldwide B2B eCommerce market was US$17.9 trillion, more than five times larger than the B2C market. That means a huge number of people are doing business in the B2B industry, and you could be one of them. But you may ask, what are the low-cost B2B business ideas?

Here, we suggest 10 low-cost B2B business ideas you can start anytime. 

Why is B2B more beneficial than B2C?

B2B sales are typically much higher than B2C sales, which is one of the key reasons businessmen choose the B2B model over a B2C model for their company.

Moreover, selecting a B2B business model is profitable because it will help a business to gather more profit. In addition, B2B clients are easier to get in touch with, so you can easily approach them to perform a more significant purchase later.

In a B2B business, if you sell a product in bulk to one customer, you can expect to hear from them again. Even if you sell to new customers, a single sale can still bring in a lot of money.

How to Select a Low-Cost B2B Business Concept?

B2B business is a very massive field. If you just want to get into the B2B business, you just need to put things into categories based on your investment, your plans, and what the market wants. 

When you only have a small amount of money to invest, your planning will be different, and when you have enough money, your business plan will follow other criteria.

Conduct thorough market research before deciding on a B2B company. But if you’re in a hurry to find out, we have compiled a list of business ideas that can be a manageable investment.

Let’s Look at Some Low-Cost B2B Business Ideas

  1. Become a Business Consultant
  2. Provide bookkeeping services
  3. Becoming a Business Broker
  4. Running an Online Store
  5. Choosing dropshipping as a low-cost business model
  6. Do affiliate marketing
  7. Social media management
  8. Selling security services
  9. Selling apps
  10. Selling online courses and tutorials

Business Idea 1: Become a Business Consultant

When you have little money to invest, starting a consulting business based on a particular business model is a good idea. 

According to Zippia, current employment figures for business consultants in the United States exceed 66,769. There are more women (37.2%) than men (62.8%%) working as business consultants.

Knowledge is more important than money when running a consulting firm. Learn as much as you can about your chosen business model.

If you are just getting ready to start a consulting business, learn everything about the particular business model. Knowing the business’s ins and outs is essential because your clients understand their business models very well. They are here to learn something more. They will only think your company is reliable if you know enough.

 Furthermore, deciding what consulting firm you will start is also important. There are about ten different types of consulting firms available. 

Try to sum up only some of them together. For example, in a B2B consulting firm, you can offer your clients financial advising, marketing consulting, and IT consulting services.

Business Idea 2: Provide Bookkeeping Services 

Bookkeeping is keeping detailed records of a company’s financial dealings. Bookkeepers are responsible for compiling financial reports detailing the company’s activities regularly. These reports can be used to show how successful and financially stable a business is.

Moreover, it also shows where a business needs to improve.

Nowadays, the majority of companies conduct their bookkeeping operations online. As a result, some organizations are choosing to provide bookkeeping services for different business models.

If you are one of them, remember that giving service to B2B businesses is more profitable than providing service to B2C companies because significant transactions usually occur in B2B businesses.

But with the help of some essential accounting software and appointment scheduling tools, business owners can easily manage their bookkeeping histories.

In such cases, some businesses do not want to waste their time on bookkeeping and simply depend on a bookkeeping service. So there is no doubt that starting a bookkeeping service is profitable. If you plan to create such a business, just get into it.

Business Idea 3: Becoming a Business Broker

A broker is a person who helps a buyer and seller negotiate. To succeed as a broker, one needs to be well-versed in the current financial and commercial systems. To do well as a broker, you need to know a lot about the different financial and business systems used today.

In addition, a broker needs to be familiar with a business’s financial and legal consequences and know which procedure a particular industry should follow. 

When hiring a business broker, owners can keep their attention on the growing firm because they know the broker handles the sales process.

The role of a broker is essential to any business model. When we look at B2B businesses, we can see business owners hire brokers to see the improvement in business functionality and meet buyer expectations.

So if you have a low investment, you can become a B2B business broker. All you need to do is set up your company with an informative broker website and start.

Business Idea 4: Running an Online Store

Selling online is wise if you have a limited investment. Nowadays, people are using several free resources to build their online stores. Moreover, various software and social media sites are also available to expand the market.

Starting a B2B business reduces the need for hiring employees and store maintenance, which saves money in real life. Additionally, you can easily connect to your customers through email in an online store than in a brick-and-mortar store. 

So, setting up an online store is less expensive than a traditional store, and there is no doubt.

Business Idea 5: Choosing Dropshipping As A Low-Cost Business Model

According to allied market research, at a CAGR of 27.1% between 2024 and 2031, the worldwide drop-shipping industry is expected to expand from $201.1 billion in 2021 to $1670.1 billion by 2031.

Dropshipping is the best business, and it will cost you a little investment with zero products in stock. You should consider dropshipping if you are too poor to start a business. It is a profitable business in a B2B model.

Business Idea 6: Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers showcase the goods and services of other companies interestingly and helpfully. They promote the product based on an affiliate link and get a commission for every sale they generate.

Amazon’s affiliate program is among the most popular on the web. According to demand sage, Affiliate marketing drives 16% of all online sales in the US.

To start an affiliate business, you must create a site for affiliate marketing. Affiliating through blogging is an excellent idea to generate more sales. Affiliate marketing may be a very effective, low-risk investment so anyone can start affiliate marketing with a limited investment.

Business Idea 7: Give Social Media Management service  

Research from Sprout Social found that 57% of consumers follow a brand’s social page to be the first to hear about new offerings.

Recently, marketing on social media has become a flourishing field. Many business owners must know how to sell their products or services on social media effectively. However, most business owners need to be aware of social media marketing procedures.

As a solution, they seek the assistance of a social media management service agency. Advertising strategies that can reach over 1,000 channels can be planned with the help of a social media management agency.

If you have a small team and are trying to do something like this, then you can start a social media marketing agency at a low cost.

Business Idea 8: Selling Security Services

While running a business in eCommerce, being concerned about security services is mandatory. In the age of the internet, anything can occur at any time. It’s no secret that many people use the internet and are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In such cases, protecting residences, businesses, personal property, and offline security using different security services is essential.

You can sell managed security services, MDR, EDR, XDR, NDR, managed SOC, firewall, VAPT, vulnerability management, etc.

Furthermore, Security consulting to other companies with low investment can be new wings for your business. These services Introduce a robust security system for protection against such threats.

Business Idea: 9 Apps To Sell

Selling different applications and extensions to other businesses is an excellent example of a low-investment B2B business. Online businesses are increasing significantly, so planning to sell applications is always a profitable idea.

To sell applications, you must do market research properly and also hire a good developer to make a top-notch application with great features. But do you know? Which application should you target in the eCommerce industry?

For instance, if you target a businessman at Shopify, you can get bunches of merchants who use the application in their stores. There are a lot of options that you can choose.

You can target business owners by offering bulk orders or discounts on your apps. Or someone who is doing custom business can be a good target for selling a product personalization app. Additionally, you can sell email campaign applications or AI-powered applications.

Business idea 10- Selling Online courses and tutorials

Selling courses and tutorials is becoming a trendy business nowadays. It goes under the B2B business model. 

According to Elearning statistics, The industry of making and marketing online courses is expanding worldwide. From a value of $107 billion in 2015, the e-learning market is projected to grow to $190 billion in 2018 and $319 billion by 2029.

Course and tutorial sellers have different client bases. If you are just planning to start a business selling courses, you need to know what your clients want. Once you’ve built up your customer base, selling online courses can be profitable.

One thing to remember is that the competition in the industry is fierce. So, try to serve something unique and explain to your reader why your course is the best.

Bottom Line

Starting a B2B business can be costly or cheap. It will depend on your choice and investment. You can choose one of our business ideas if you are really motivated about doing business on a low budget.

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