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Theme and buttons customization

You can fully customize the look and feel of the MultiVariants elements and buttons. Like the title, add to cart buttons, icons, and other elements.

The app automatically adapts the Shopify theme you are using. But if you want to make any changes in the theme for ‘large screen’ or ‘mobile view’, this section will allow you to do that.

To customize the theme navigate to app admin, scroll down and click on “Theme

MultiVariants Bulk Order theme and button style customization

  • Click on Theme, a pop-up window will come up.
  • Left side of the pop-up window, you would see the element title.
  • On the right, choose screen size first and enter the value to get your preferred style.
  • Save it

MultiVariants Bulk Order button style customization

(For ex: The default ruleset name is “Bulk Order”. To make the label bigger in size and Maroon in color, find the “MultiVariants title” from the left side list and click on it.

Now, enter “maroon” in the text field for color and increase the given font size. Finally, save the settings)

In the same way, you can select other elements (which you want to customize) and add your custom CSS on the right side. Save and check it on the front end.


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