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Cart liquid update for min/max or bundle quantity restrictions

If you are using the MultiVariants – Bulk Order app (Professional plan) for minimum/maximum quantity, number of variant restrictions, bundle quantity (dropdown), or incremental increases quantity with your Shopify store, you may need to apply the same restrictions on the cart page to restrict customers placing order within your required conditions.
To apply the restrictions or validation on the cart page, you will need to add a few simple CSS classes and attributes into your cart page template (liquid) file like cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid. It may be different based on the theme you are using.
Don’t worry, it will not break anything on your site (even if you uninstall the app).
cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid update for MultiVariants app.
On the cart page template (liquid) file top, add below CSS:
.multivariants_cart_quantity_box{pointer-events: none;}
Add CSS class and attribute into the Quantity input box or the box holder parent DIV:
class=“[YOUR_CLASS] multivariants_cart_quantity_boxmv_cart_item_key=”{{item.key}}” OR mv_cart_item_key=”{{line_item.key}}”
Add CSS class to Checkout button:
class=”[YOUR_CLASS] multivariants_cart_checkout_btn
Or if you want to restrict the quick checkouts, add this class “multivariants_cart_checkout_btn” to the parent container DIV of buttons.
If you don’t feel confident updating the liquid file. Please contact our support, our team will be happy to assist you.
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